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Got through a tough week!

Just come back from W5 R3 and still on a high!! Can't quite believe the person that struggled with W1 has just run 20min without stopping - hurrah!!

It's been a tough week to get out and run, had guests staying, toddler not sleeping well and to top it all (sorry men) I got my period for the first time since I started running. Now sorry if this is a bit TMI for some of you, but I bet other ladies have felt like this too - in the past this would have completely de-railed me from the programme and I would have spent the week hormonal and grumpy curled up on the couch with a hot water bottle, snapping at DH and LO. This week I discovered that when my PE teachers of old said exercise would help, this wasn't part of some elaborate torture regime, they spoke the truth! I've felt more energised and less crampy and my husband informs me less snappy!!

Nothing can stop me now - am beginning to believe I can do this! So much so that I have booked on to a twilight race for life 5k for fri 18th oct which should coincide with my graduation run if all remains good.

Fingers crossed and happy running!!!

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Ewwwww your excitement, satisfaction and joy are palpable! :D

Many congrats on today's run, and for achieving noticeable life changes! Everyone around you is benefitting, but most importantly - you are winning, winning, grinning, winning over previously imagined impossibilities!

Have a great weekend, keep positive and happy running into the weeks of lengthening runs.... Seeya at graduation soon!

Cheers, Linda ;)


Blimey I love hearing how every one else has a tough week!

I've had a tough week and also a certain monthly cycle has arrived for first time since running (I have the implant?!)

I feel more comfortable with it but I'm still in recovery after this morning's 'run'. Having period would've also usually stopped me but in week 8 I've come too far to let it and so I got myself out despite the hills!!


Well done! What an achievement ! I felt the same as you when I got my period a few weeks ago. Actually felt it was an achievement that I ran! I'm on course to do run 3 on Monday eeek!


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