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Finding post-grad life a bit tough

Hi all and thanks for all your lovely comments about my C25K journey which I completed last weekend. I have since hit a bit of a low and would just like to seek a bit of reassurance from fellow graddies. I decided to take it 'easy' and stick with running 30 mins 3 times a week till I felt comfortable and then move on towards the 10K I've signed up for at the end of May. I have to say, though, that I'm anything but comfortable at the moment! I've been out twice this week following the week 9 podcast to the letter (having run 40+ mins three times the previous week to get ready for Sport Relief) but feel I can barely make even the 30 mins now. It just feels a real struggle, mainly breathing-wise (the legs are fine). I can still run it all but very slowly, and am not getting to that lovely part where you settle ino it and are just chugging steadily along. I've tried changing my route to avoid the hills but doesn't seem to make any difference.

Anyone else had this? Presumably it will get better and I'll be able to move on soon? Or should I press on regardless and start increasing my time a bit anyway? Try some speed intervals or wait a bit? Wondering whether I'm still recovering from last weekend's exertions (which may have been too much, too soon as I had to rush the latter part of the programme).....

Gosh, sorry this sounds like a terrible whinge (newbies avert your innocent gaze, please)! Any comments, advice etc would be most welcome!

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Don't worry about it, it happens. I wish I could say it goes away at some point but I haven't reached it yet.

Sometimes you feel like you could fly then next run its like you have a sack of spuds dragging behind you.

What does happen after a while is that you will have gone through it a few times and know that you come out the other side and there is nothing intrinsically wrong.

Not sure if that helps or not but in my experience what you are feeling is an occasional part of running life. You are quite normal, its all good, don't beat yourself up too much.

I read quote a lot of interviews with the pro runners and they still have them as well, that made me feel better!


Thanks so much Greg - can identify with the sack of spuds!! I am so grateful for your comments as I'm so chuffed to have got this far and have no intention of giving up - yet there seems to be a little devil sitting on my shoulder at the moment (we all seem to know him - or her).

I have spent today researching what to do next to prepare for 10k in May and am getting enthused, so hopefully that will transfer into my running. I have to admit I am also completely knackered at the moment as I work in a school and we've just broken up...... so there are a lot of factors affecting my mood. But I keep telling myself I AM A RUNNER!! and so I will keep going out there and running - whatever it feels like.

Your support is so much appreciated - thanks :-)


I second what Greg was probably one of those weeks.

I too struggled after graduation (only finished 1 out of 3 runs last week). I put some of it down to doing to much my first run after graduating. Did 39 mins & 5k..needed to prove I could do it and then it was all down hill from then.

Draw a line after last week (thats what I'm doing) and start afresh on your next run. The important thing is to keep going and remind yourself that running for 30 minutes is a massive achievement. You could not do that 10 weeks ago! Hope this week is better for you


Thanks so much AliB1 - you are so right about 30 mins!! I keep forgetting what an awesome thing that is! You sound similar to me - I did 40 - 45 mins in week 9 to achieve 5k, so may well have pushed it too far. I am going to try and treat myself well in the next couple of weeks: nice run routes, new trainers and capris, new music to run to - not to mention some nice affirming tracks running through my head that DON'T include 'ha ha! knew you couldn't do this' etc etc..... :-)

Feeling much better having heard from you and Greg. Bless you!


I am feeling your pain! I graduated about 3 weeks ago and am really struggling with that damn devil on my shoulder, he just won't go away! I seem to hit a wall and can do no more. I think, with me it's down to lack of Laura! You seem to be doing way better than me though so don't beat yourself up too much xxx


Awwww - thanks, Pat! Aren't people so fantastic and supportive on here? I don't know if this helps at all, but I went out tonight with Laura on week 9, determined to feel brighter about it all - got to the end of the warmup walk and thought 'sod it' I'm going to try my new running music'. I had bought '101 Running Songs' and had just downloaded them to my MP3 player, but was struggling to make a playlist, so hadn't intended to use them yet. But I just put the first one on and let it run...... and because of my ineptitude two tracks had crept in twice: Tubthumping ('I get knocked down, but I get up again') and Queen's 'Don't stop me now'......could not have been more appropriate and I had a much better run! Not fantastic, but faster than usual, at least for the first 3k, and some brief periods of joy :-).

Maybe what I needed was a bit longer chilling and some new tunes.......I also realised that I had got too hot the last couple of times out due to the change in the weather and - even though the world isn't ready for this - I'm going to have to wear less!! I've just ordered some running capris which will give me a bit more air I hope! I'm encouraged and now cautiously optimistic that I'll creep back to being able to run 5k and beyond. I have signed up for a 10k in May so that is kind of motivating me (or should be!). Hope you find the key to moving on...... keep posting on here, as people need to hear this stuff.


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