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Run 3 don't understand it

Tough day at work today and I was looking forward to my run. It was my reward! Look how my thinking has moved on... Not a glass of wine but a run ( it is weds remember)! Nice bright dry evening and a good temperature.

All sounds good but it was so hard! My legs seemed to go too fast for my lungs. My brain was too busy and I couldn't relax and slow down. Hang on here! I thought I was in charge! I then finished and realised I had run about 10m further than last time. Weird.

Then weirdly weird, as I walked through the woods (briskly) I felt magnificent! A wave of endorphins I suppose but wonderful. I shall think of it as 'my dolphins' as it was that wonderful. WOW, never had that before. And I get home and do the stats and what do I find? My last km is the fastest to date.

What is going on? No idea, but I love the dolphins!

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It's funny how you get to the stage where you know that a run will fix you if you've had a bad day. Used to be booze and take away, now it's 5k, water, shower and a healthy dinner. How times have changed!!

Careful, that endorphin rush is highly addictive. Addicts are everywhere, you can tell them by the brightly coloured lycra, beetroot faces and inane grins. There is no turning back now. You're hooked for life!!


A run does wonders for an over busy brain or crappy day. You sometimes have to talk yourself into going out but once you've found your rhythm you just go.

Narmour is right. There's no escape for you now. Welcome to our world :-D


'You sometimes have to talk yourself into going out' ~ what about us poor folk who talk to ourselves when we are out! OK, I digress. I know just what you mean ~ the day has been crappy, the weather is crappy and the larder is empty, but get out, go for a run and suddenly the world seems all bright and sunny, even if you are cold and wet.

I third (can you do that) what Narmour says, you are hooked for life.


Swimming with endorphins... what a lovely thought.


All of a sudden it's bottle-nose dolphins and not the bottle of red!

Keep running, and keep us informed.


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