Great North Fun

Fun? WAAAH - I'm not sure about this ... I'm scared! Lying in bed and should have been up 20 mins ago ... have to leave in ten ... Half hour drive to the finish where I drop off the car, but don't know how busy it'll be and how long it'll really take. Not sure about the shuttle bus to the start - how long will the queue be to get aboard? And how long to get to the start? Will I even get there in time? Or will I get here an hour early & be standing in the rain, getting cold & miserable?

Hmmm - all these negative vibes are doing me in right now.

BUT I'm sure everything will be fine, I'll get there just the right time, Sophie Rayworth will be waiting to give me a hug & a slobbery kiss, & I'll have an amazing run, blowing away Mo and the Ethiopians as I head for South Shields in a new course and world record.

RRRRRRIIIIINNNNNNGGGGG - well that was a dream & a half. Time to wake up, get the glad rags on and get going. If I can post updates, I will. So watch this space. Due to start 10:40 but it'll be at least half a K shuffling from the assembly point to the start line.

Thanks for all the good wishes. If each one takes me only a few steps, I'll be able to do this nae bother!

Oops - it's now 7:30 and I should be gone. Must get up.


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71 Replies

  • Go Go Go - i am sure you will be amazing and it will be a fantastic experience. My sister did some years ago and really enjoyed it. What a fantastic part of the country to be in. Make sure you report back :-)

  • Run, run, run, Malcy! And have fun :-)

  • Thinking of you as I fly towards London and Sue -- run, run, run Malcolm xox

  • On the bus to the start. The drive to the car park went along the second half of the route. Looked OK but when I saw the 15 k marker a huge lump came in my throat. Can't do this. Yes I can. AARGHH!

    Need to keep that.chimp in its cage!

  • Good luck Malcy. We know you can do it. (No pressure :) )

  • Good luck Malcy - hoping that'll be me this time next year!

  • Good luck, Malcy! keep the updates coming

  • Good luck. Thinking about jogging the half a mile to where the runners pass my home to cheer you all on. Wish the blooming wind would drop for you. Enjoy!

  • Yes - do that. Roughly where would that be? I don't expect you would pick me out but I'm wearing my grey. 1983 GNR T-shirt. Number 28563. the guy with the bright red face, puffing & panting!

  • Jarrow, just before you turn onto the dreaded John Reed Road stretch

  • Good luck Macy and hope you enjoy, Sophie R included ;-)

  • Now you see, now you don't!! Yeah Malcy those ups will seem like raisins to you after the mountains you have done. Good luck young man, show em how to do it :)

  • You can do it! Looking forward to reading your next blog! Whole crowd will carry you along- enjoy!

  • Best of luck Malcy, you will be fine you God you! ;) Will be looking out for your number on tv!!


  • Good luck Malcy, enjoy it :)

  • At the start. Had a "power breakfast" on the way - bacon roll & coffee from Greggs! Don't say I'm not taking this seriously (;->)

    Updates depending on wifi along the route (3G clogged with 56000 other people)

    40 mins to the off!

  • Good luck!!!

  • We're on our way - passed the start at 11:06 WAAAAY! (Crying a bit. Stupid soft bu**er!)

  • Wow, I think this must be the first time someone's blogged from the run itself, a c25k record?? Waving those virtual pom poms Malcy - you can do it! :-)

  • 5k in 25:46

  • Good going, Malcy! Keep it up :-)

  • Doing a great job Malcy! Inspirational.

  • Omg I'm loving the live updates!! Huge good luck wishes to you Malcy! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

  • Great pace Malcy. Keep it going !

  • 10k 53m

  • This is better than any Grand National, well done Malcy your going well.

  • I'll second that old girl! Go Malcy!

  • 15k 84 mins

  • This is way better than the tv coverage. Go Malcy go!

  • Agreed!!

  • Just a Parkrun n to go

  • Go go go!!! You've got this!

  • Not long now Malcy - good luck with the last couple of k x

  • Go The God of Hellfire! ;-)

  • FINISHED!!!!

    Around 2 hours depending whether you believe Garmin or official timing


  • Yaaay!! :-)


  • Celebrating the "return of the Malcy" in style - well done indeed !

  • Woweee, well done you, our very own God of Hell Fire :) Smashing

  • Well done!!!

  • YaY!! Very well done, Malcy! Great time!

  • Congratulations!

  • Well done Malcy!!

  • Almost three hours since I finished ... and I've made only 50 metres progress in exiting the car park. Should have brought my tent and camp kitchen. Might even have been able to sell a few coffees & burgers to the others in the queue (:->)

  • Maybe take the bike next time - call it preparation for the triathalon....

  • Keep stretching Malcy. It goes without saying that that was the most exciting run we have had on here, wonderful. Thank you for the regular live updates, brilliant.

  • well done...fantastic time...I hope you are suitably celebrating?!!

  • Brilliant blog and run Malcy.

    Hope you've made it out of the car park by now. [A few years ago my OH was similarly stuck in the queue coming out from an event and then lost his place because he had to park the car again so he could go for a pee!]

  • Well done that man; great time and loved the live commentary

  • Almost 3 hours now - still no movement (:-<). I suspect we're locked in until the road reopened at 5pm. It might have been useful to let us know that before we arrived & paid our £5 each. Not that I'm complaining ...

    Juicy - celebration is a slap up Pizza Hut. My brats parked elsewhere, got away and are already there and slapping it up in our absence!

  • Well don Malcy, what a shame that you are stuck in the traffic though. I have thoroughly enjoyed the sport today, first the GNR and then the Mens Triathalon this afternoon, brilliant :)

  • well done, inspirational, treat yourself when you get out of that traffic.

  • Brilliant Malcy. Great result.

  • Got to ask Malcy ... how did you live blog?

    I'm imagining you finding conveniently placed internet cafe, popping in, ordering coffee, logging on, posting update, reading a few of the posts, logging off, finishing your coffee, using the facilities and pressing on to the next stop ....


  • Yes me too! Well done Malcy, enjoy your evening when you can manage to get out!!! ... :) :)

  • That's why I didn't manage to beat Mo. If only I hadn't popped into those coffee shops (:->)

  • FANTASTIC MALCY MY HERO (well, after Mo!!) Great time. Great commentary. :) Enjoy that well deserved pizza, pasta, chicken wings, wedges, ice cream......Well, you have to re-fuel and feed those muscles don't you?!

    Sue x

  • Brilliant - am away from home but recorder set and will be looking out for you when get to watch. Congratulations. Linda

  • Brilliant malcy! You star. I loved reading this commentary now and bet it was super exciting in real time! :) fab time and fab run

  • Wow ! Very well done :-)

  • Amazin run and I have no idea how you were able to post updates and run in that time!

  • Wow ..fantastic well done Malcy!!

  • Fantastic time! Hope you've seen the back of 'Shields by now

  • Aw Malcy! Just finished reading this wonderful post! Congratulations!

    I live about ten minutes from the finish, so next year you can park your car at mine! Hopefully ill be running too - I signed up for the notification emails for next years run! :)

  • Fantastic stuff Malcy! Unfortunately I am night shifts so wasn't aware of your live commentary; and went for a run when I got up so no time for tv highlights! Hope you finally escaped the car park; brings back recent memories of trying to escape from legoland (bit of offroad driving between car parks got us free quicker than most!) ;-)

  • Absolutely fantastic Malcy, especially the blogging on route :-) also nice to see that you had a north east regional breakfast from Greggs :-o

  • Congratulations God of Hell Fire. That was awesome

  • Wow wow wow - only just seen this - sorry I wasn't following it live! Brilliant hell-firing!

  • Brilliant, well done! Sorry I missed the live blogging, will watch out for it next time for sure :-) Hope you aren't aching too much by now.


  • Completely and wonderfully AmAzInG! Am so sorry I missed all this in real time! I had to work all weekend, couldn't open the website last night and have only just (2 mins ago) received an email from HU with your blog at the top of the list!

    Brilliant, well done! Enjoy your rest and recovery time and celebrations unlimited!

    Cheers, C25K's very own God of Hellfire and all things techie and irritating.. ... Linda X

  • Great North Fun revisited - step by step account is posted as

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