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Parkrun - 24:45 - First run in 2 weeks


Hi all!

It is my first run in two weeks because of getting a virus and my asthma playing up, so no weekly stats to share.

I am still a bit under the weather so my plan was to run the first lap at a comfortable pace and see how I feel. However I ended up running faster than I should have because I ran the first lap in 12:25. I ran faster because I am 3rd in the points table for Barking Parkrun and I noticed that the guy in 4th place was about 5 places ahead of me. I wanted to keep him within striking distance and this meant I upped my pace a little. By the time I got to half way I was just behind him and decided to push on to overtake him. After passing him I closed in on a young boy who decided that he didn't want to be overtaken! Everytime I increased my pace a little he matched me, we pushed each other for the next km until I decided to let him go because I was pushing myself more than I should. I was overtaken with a km to go and when I got to the finishing straight I decided to go flat out and took the place back. That was probably a bad idea because after the finishing line I was very dizzy and the world was spinning a little bit! I was OK after some water and a sit down but I probably ran a few days before I should have.

A few of our regulars are running the London Marathon tomorrow so I wished them well and will be applying for it next year.

I will probably miss the beginning of tomorrows run because I am taking my 4 year old daughter to a Junior Parkrun (2km) that is starting in Dagenham. She is very excited and I have promised her something nice after each run she does. I expect her to walk the majority of it but the main point is to get her into good habits. Once we have finished I will rush home to watch the marathon.

I will post a link to my run a little later on today, the Garmin is playing up.

Happy running all!

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Sorry to read you've not been well, but what a fab time all the same. Best wishes for your daughter's junior parkrun, there'll be many other marathons but only one very first parkrun (first of many I'm sure) - take care. :-)

AftabsGraduate in reply to notbad

Thanks! My daughter enjoyed her Parkrun, we walked the majority of the way but she had a good sprint finish! I managed a 10km run afterwards and am feeling a bit better know.


Nice one aftabs. That competitive streak in you lives on even with a virus! Haha! Look after yourself now.

AftabsGraduate in reply to danzargo

Thanks Dan. I am on the mend now, but it is hard to overcome the competitor in me, even when its better if I go slower!


nice to see you back running aftabs you will be back up to speed soon

AftabsGraduate in reply to moger



well done...and glad you are a bit better...I hope Little Miss Aftabs enjoys it...I am doing C25K with my daughter Amarissa who is 9, she is loving it!!!

AftabsGraduate in reply to ju-ju-

Thanks and I am up to about 90% now. I might upload a photo of Little Miss Aftabs parkrun, you can look out for it!


Good to hear you are a feeling better and well done. I hope your little one enjoys her first parkrun tomorrow with yourself as a role model she will develop lots of good exercise habits.

AftabsGraduate in reply to Twizzle53

Thank you!

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