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Parkrun - 26:00 - Fast finish

Hi all,

I ran within myself because my ankle still isn't 100%. It isn't causing me any pain when running but when I twist my ankle around there is a slight discomfort. So I set my Garmin to pace me at an average of 5:30 per km and was only slightly faster half way around.

I felt like I had a lot of energy left so on the second lap I slowly increased my speed and on the last two straights I sped up to try and overtake the three people in front of me. I managed to overtake two of them but the guy at the front really kicked on and I didn't want to run that fast.

I forgot to turn the Garmin off at the end so the link below shows the overall time at 26:21 but when my Parkrun time comes through I expect it to be 26 minutes.

It was a fun run in the end and I have a 9 mile run to look forward to tomorrow!

Here is a link to my run:

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Well done you... Go careful on that ankle and take it nice and slow tomorrow...


Thanks, I expect tomorrows pace to be about 6:30 per km, so nice and slow :-)


Nice one, Aftabs. You are setting a high bar for those following. My excuse is that I am a lot older than you, so I am happy to be left in your wake. I hope that you have paced it better this time and don't get any negative repercussions. Enjoy your running.


Thanks Ian. My pace was good this time and the ankle is fine. I still can't twist it a certain way without some discomfort but that is the same as before the run. I won't be running any interval sessions or trying a fast 5km until the ankle is 100%.


Smashing time again Aftabs, go easy tomorrow you don't want to cause any more damage to your ankle. :)


Thanks for the advice!


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