Couch to 5K

W4R1 - Yay!!

Well if it wasn't for this group I would have repeated Week 3 telling myself I wasn't ready for week 4... but I did it today and can't believe I managed it! Wow it was hard but I paced myself and I did it! So happy - makes me look back at week 1 and think how far I've come, and it's only been 3 weeks. Amazing! (But when will my belly flab start to melt away?!? lol)

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Well done, excellent news! It was tough but we've proved to ourselves that we CAN do it so there's no reason why we can't do it again and keep pushing forward. The weight loss will come for both of us if we keep at it - it's early days yet but you're doing brilliantly, well done again!


Well done! I'm due to do W4R1 this week too!


Good luck, you can do it!


Well done, RuthP, W4R1 is a toughie and pacing yourself is what it's all about. Congrats!


Great to see you are sticking with the I can do it attitude, and succeeding. The C25K plan is well designed, so we can do it.

It is funny how you look back at the weeks before though, and think how you worried and mentally struggled with it.

(I started running on 31st March this year, in France - on holiday. I struggled with the one minutes, and longed for the session to end. I am going back to France on Weds. and will run the same route, but this time at least 5K. It will seem strange).

Keep at it, the 'toning up does come', but it does take a little while. But when it does you will be very happy :-)

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