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W4R1 Can't believe I blimin well did it!!

Holy moses that was hard work! But I did it, me, I did it, on my own, me, for me. Would have kissed Laura if she was real when she said I'd finished. I found that a real step up from the week 3 sessions and had also made a mental barrier for myself before I started because I knew it was running for a lot longer than I had before so I think that made it harder. Not sure I'll be able to stop myself from doing that each new week but maybe it will add to the feeling of overcoming something I would have usually given up on or not even had the courage to try in the first place. Yeah go me! Ha! Good luck to anyone yet to do their session today, happy *walking-shuffling-jogging-running (*delete as appropriate) :)

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Well done. I agree, the feeling of achieving something which felt impossible is what keeps me going.

I had a very tough run today but I did it and that's all that matters! Keep up the great work


Thanks Tkdgirl, and well done to you too for getting through your tough run.


Guess what? Laura is real...pucker up! ;-) great going you!!! I bet you are so proud of yourself! Each run is challenging but as you achieve it, there is no better feeling! Gayle


Oh dear, might have to choose my words more carefully in future ;) Thanks for the encouragement Gayle.


Congratulations, Leyther!!! On the run, yes, but also on something much more important...running through that mental barrier that you placed on this run!! So much of this running is in our minds!! I am a true believer that the body is capable of so much more than we know. If our minds believe that we can do it...we can and YOU DID!!

So very well done!! Each week will give you it's own challenges, but "Yeah, GO YOU!! You are doing it!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Wohooo! Welll done! I hear what you say about the mental block. I am coming up to W4 next week too..... Good luck for the rest of your runs!


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