W4R1 - Distraction is the key

I left it until lunch time again taking advantage of the Monday working from home but the real reason was fear, I shouldn't have been worried.

No it wasn't easy, quite the contrary it was very hard work, the hardest yet but I had an idea that served me well. By the end of the first set of 3 and 5s I was in pain and not sure how I would make the other two sets so I decided to present to myself.

I present on technical topics as part of my work so I imagined I was in front of a small but friendly audience (they aren't always) and I started on my favourite topic. It didn't seem very long before Laura came back to tell me I'd finished and whilst my legs were killing me I'd demonstrated that, for me at least, it's mind over matter at this stage (and probably for the rest of the programme). I'm now considering what other ways I can use to distract myself

I'm quietly chuffed, I really wasn't sure if this week was my breaking point.


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10 Replies

  • I think that's it exactly. Even more so when you get onto the runs where it's just running and all you have to think about is the music and when to put your sunspecs on and take them off again... that's very hard. Your own music helps but even so I'm finding it... monotonous. Be interesting to see if anyone else has a good 'distractor'. I suppose one idea would be to take a friend, but I'm definitely not at the stage of being able to jog and talk yet!

  • lol "jogging and talking" - My phone went while I was jogging and I ignored it, I thought even if I answer that they'd never understand me through all the panting.

  • Ha ha. Might have thought they'd called there own heavy breather.

  • My friend listens to audiobooks when she goes to the gym, your music you've heard before if someones telling you a story I guess it could make time go faster, especially if its a good book and you get into it.

  • Well done. :) Sounds like a great distraction technique! I definitely think that finding a way to distract yourself from the negative gremlins is half the challenge on c25k. ;) If I knew any poetry or speeches off by heart I might try something similar.

    Once I'd got onto the continuous runs I started listening to my own music and also changed my route regularly, which helped to distract from those pesky gremlins. On the treadmill, I often listen to an audiobook, which is good for helping the minutes to tick away. I've found I can't really listen to it when running outside though as the environment tends to distract me and I end up rewinding repeatedly! Running with someone else is probably the best distraction though. When I run with my son (who knows I can't talk if we're going uphill!) I find the pesky 'you should stop' gremlins quite often leave me alone altogether. :)

  • Chewy, you are so right! I run better when I try to distract myself compared to worrying about my running technique etc, I'm not quite ready for audiobooks... I'm sure my heavy breathing would interfere with the story line. Great job on completing run 1 of week 4!!!!!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!

  • Well done Chewy!! Great advice as well. After W4R2 this morning I was puzzled as to why the first 5 minute stretch felt so good again and looking back, I think I was pretty much lost in my own thoughts, The last minute, while easier than R1 was still an absolute fight to the last second. I have R3 Wednesday morning and after that I have the first voice class of the year to teach which means a mammoth PP presentation to get through. So I will rehearse on the final 5 and see what happens. :D

  • Well done Chewy. Thanks for the ideas about what to do to help get the focus away from the difficult bits. My turn tomorrow!! I'll let you know how I get on. Cheers.

  • Thanks Janda I look forward to your blog tomorrow.

  • I used to get distracted when Laura talked of trying to make sure you don't bob up and down too much when running (week 3 was it?). The image in my head of someone being on the other side of the hedge watching your head periodically pop up made me laugh and the final minute of that run flew by each time!

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