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Grinning like a Cheshire Cat after completing Wk 4 Run 1!!!


I made the mistake of knowing what was in store for week 4 and doubt did set in. I trust the plan and Laura so decided to have a go.

I have just returned and as the title suggests I completed it and I can not stop smiling. I'm also super happy because I have passed the 2 mile mark on today's run.

So for all you doubters out there, believe in yourself and the plan and you can do it. Just believe in yourself! Happy running!!!!! :-)

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Well done! I never thought I'd manage week 4 either but I did and just about to start week 5. Have to own up to a little happy dance when I did my first whole 5 minute run (luckily no one was about ;-)) x

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Thank you. You can't finish a run without a happy dance!! :-)


Well done Mel, I did my wk4r1 yesterday and, oh yes, it felt good.

I've started to see things coming together now pacing, breathing wise, allowing some time to zone in and enjoy(!) the session. Looking forward to the next one now.

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Totally agree, all the jigsaw pieces seem to be fitting together! Good luck

Well done you! Completed my first run this morning as well. Good feeling!

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Well done you. Roll on run 2 :-)

My turn tomorrow.....omg!

Well done to you!

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You will be great Saraheyoung just pace yourself and trust Laura. Let us know how you get on.....good luck


Well done! It's a great feeling doing the 5 minutes and then having a quick dance to yourself - I was exactly the same on Thursday and again yesterday! The longer sessions definitely help to pace yourself and get a good rhythm going for breathing and looking around more to enjoy the surroundings. I'm glad others are feeling the same about this one!

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I never expected to feel like this 4 weeks. It's a huge challenge but I'm loving every milestone I hit. Bring it on (fighting talk!! Ha ha ) :-)

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