Run 1 done

Now I did my run after a good nights sleep and it was cool. And even raining a bit! Not run in the rain and found it was ok - not that it rained for long and it was summer rain not real rain. So I had a much better run than W5R3, much smoother, even paced and I enjoyed it. Chatted to Laura on my final 5 min walk which is not going to help my image! Knees a bit tired now but put that down to it being cold.

Being ribbed when I say I need to talk to my community! We are definitely achieving!

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  • You keep on talking to your community - it will help to keep you on track!

    And well done on going out in the rain, even if it was diluted rain! I quite like running in the rain, although you do need to watch what's underfoot.

  • I'm glad it's not just me that chats back to Laura! Well done on your run :)

  • Ha ha, I was talking to Laura this morning too! I think the drizzle helped me a wee bit this morning, kept my face cooler anyway.

    Hope your knees are okay. Are we aiming for Sunday for week6 run 2 ? We are achieving. Well done to us! (community speak there).

  • Sunday is my plan. With laura for company. Knees now fine but that maybe the wine ....!

  • I'm hoping to get mine done early this evening in my swish new running shoes!

  • That's great, let us know how the new shoes go. I imagine ou will be running like a gazelle now. Mind you, the first few times i wore mine I got sore insides of my knees. Just muscles getting used to them though as they correct my overpronation ( apparently ). Great now. Happy running.

  • Well done to you! I talk to Laura too, sometimes I even shout at her, when she says I might be feeling a little tired, and I just want her to know that I am knackered, not just tired! But she is my bessy mate really!

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