Couch to 5K

Run 1 done

Now I did my run after a good nights sleep and it was cool. And even raining a bit! Not run in the rain and found it was ok - not that it rained for long and it was summer rain not real rain. So I had a much better run than W5R3, much smoother, even paced and I enjoyed it. Chatted to Laura on my final 5 min walk which is not going to help my image! Knees a bit tired now but put that down to it being cold.

Being ribbed when I say I need to talk to my community! We are definitely achieving!

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You keep on talking to your community - it will help to keep you on track!

And well done on going out in the rain, even if it was diluted rain! I quite like running in the rain, although you do need to watch what's underfoot.


I'm glad it's not just me that chats back to Laura! Well done on your run :)


Ha ha, I was talking to Laura this morning too! I think the drizzle helped me a wee bit this morning, kept my face cooler anyway.

Hope your knees are okay. Are we aiming for Sunday for week6 run 2 ? We are achieving. Well done to us! (community speak there).


Sunday is my plan. With laura for company. Knees now fine but that maybe the wine ....!


I'm hoping to get mine done early this evening in my swish new running shoes!


That's great, let us know how the new shoes go. I imagine ou will be running like a gazelle now. Mind you, the first few times i wore mine I got sore insides of my knees. Just muscles getting used to them though as they correct my overpronation ( apparently ). Great now. Happy running.


Well done to you! I talk to Laura too, sometimes I even shout at her, when she says I might be feeling a little tired, and I just want her to know that I am knackered, not just tired! But she is my bessy mate really!

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