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What have I done to my ankle?

Have started the programme last week. Yesterday was day 3. I have also done quite a bot of walking this week too and my legs have been aching a bit but I wanted to carry on anyway. After one of the running sets I started walking and had a dreadful pain in the back of my right ankle. Not so bad when I ran. I completed the podcast anyway. This morning I am struggling to move with it (beyond usual stiffness) and getting up/down stairs hideous. Have taken ibuprofen. What is it? Why is it? What can I do to ease it and prevent it? Any help gratefully received.

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I think rest is in order, but don't get disheartened, we all get niggles along the way.

You could try walking the same routes to keep yourself on the move, but personally I'd take a week off and let it heal. I know

it sucks, I had to take a month off with a foot injury.

If it doesn't get better on it's own see a doc.


Hi Crox. Yes, I think a rest is in order, but it is frustrating!!! I'll be doing walking anyway, as regardless of whether or not I run, the dog needs to be taken out. I just don't want it to happen again if it something I'm doing that causes it (other than just exercising). I'll repeat week one when I can start it again. Hopefully just a few days will do it.


You could get your shoes and gait checked out at places like sweatshop (other running shops are available - not sports direct...).

Boots sell elasticated ankle straps that I used to swear by.

Also try some strengthening exercises (when recovered) stand on the stairs facing up stairs, heel hanging over the edge, gently raising to stand on tip toes, then lowering so your heel is an inch or so below the step


The other replies say it all, really, but have you been doing post run stretches? There is a whole set on the NHS Choices website and I swear by them. They help realign muscles, apparently, and aid avoidance of strain. Do them straight after your warm down walk, while muscles are warm and supple.

I hope you get back to your running soon.


Hi GaynorR.

I had this too and I think you might have achilles tendonitis. It's because your tendons at the back of you ankle are tight and need stretching. I got some advice from the gym where I run. You need to stretch it. If you stand on a step or stair with the ball of your foot on the stair then lower your heel to the floor keeping your leg straight. To increase the stretch, bend your knee too. It feels great and eases the pain straight away. I did this stretch whenever I could during weeks one and two and always before and after a run and now I have no pain at all. I was like you, I could hardly walk in the mornings. Bizarrely wearing heels helps too, honestly! It works I promise. The guy at the gym warned me that if I didn't stretch it properly it could snap and that is painful with a very long recovery!

Hope this helps x


This is interesting reading, as I suffer from aching ankles too. I went to a local Sports Physio (shortly after buying proper running shoes and gait anslysis). He diagnosed tight calves, so set about giving my calves a good massage. Now I have to say it all started off very nicely, but when he got deep in, whoa they were tight. The upshot was a great massage, supple legs, and then ran like the wind straight after. 3.75 km and I didn't even realise I had done it, so had to run back.

My physio said the same as lannoda Truffe. Stretching is the key, so I have started to do just that as part of my warm down walk, and it does help. What compounds the problem is running in the morning then sitting at a desk all day.

At the moment I am not completely better, but I know it is muscular, and stretching will sort it out, along with some strengthening exercises.

GaynorR suggests an exercise on a step, which I have tried, and it does work. I also noted her comment about walking in heels. Being someone prepared to try anything I have had a look on the Web for some size 11 heels. They are available, along with a lot of other clothing items that I don't think will be so helpful. Might skip that one Gaynor, but thanks ;-)


Ha - I liked that you were willing to show commitment though Nerdio :) The pain got so bad I struggled with walking so stopped the running completely and decided next step was to get a personal trainer for a while. Explained all that had happened. During the fitness assessment I was using a treadmill and jogged for 2 minutes - bam - pain again! Struggled again with walking for 2 days.

Upshot, trainer strapped my achilles area up today. I have spent weeks being 'aware' of the back of my ankle as it just permanently felt bruised. Taped support - can't feel it all. It's out of place a bit apparently. So, will continue with her taping it up. Have my pre-paid sessions and should hopefully get fitter as a result. Then can begin the process of training again with her guidance as to how to protect the tendon. I tell you what though - this is painful, a snapped one must be hideous!!!

Thank you all for your advice. Hopefully can overcome this, but if not, I guess running just won't be my thing and I shall have to find other ways to get fit. Never give up!


Good on you, not sure I'd have been able to stick with it in your place ;-)


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