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What have I done to my legs?!?

Sorry, I haven't written much on here during my C25k adventures; just responded to others questions. Well now I need help answering a question of my own!

I finished w9 run3 on Friday and had a great run - no probs. On Saturday I went for a walk in Derbyshire with the family. Nothing too demanding - about 5 miles though it involved lots of steep hills and squelchy mud!! Anyway, since then, I've had a lot of pain all up and down the backs of my legs but mainly just above the backs of my knees. It may just be sore muscles but both yesterday and today it seems to have got worse as the days gone on and feels to be more connected to the bending and flexing of my knees than the muscles themselves. Could it be tendinitis?

I've postponed today's run until tomorrow but not sure it's wise to run until it feels better?! I don't want to be out of action for too long though - I've got Race for Life in just under 2wks and want to be fit and ready for it!

Any suggestions?

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Rest and/or a gentle swim if poss?


I'd rest for as long as it takes to feel comfortable running. You won't lose fitness over a matter of days or even a week or so and the rest will probably help you feel energised for your RFL. Maybe some gentle walks if it isn't too painful ? Good luck, I hope you feel better soon. Let us know how you get on :-)


The fact that it's getting worse doesn't necessarily mean it isn't muscle stiffness - delayed onset muscle soreness typically does this (google it for info), and if you were using different muscles to usual because of the hills and mud, that could be the cause. Give it a few days and see how your legs feel then.


I really sympathize. I graduated on Saturday and then yesterday, Monday, went for my first run without Laura. I'd never had problems before. At 20 minutes I had to stop because of really bad pain in my left calf. It's so annoying. I've gone through the panic stage of "I'll never run again" and have given my calf a lot of TLC. I'm waiting to hear from the others about how long a rest to give it before I try again. I'm going to google delayed onset muscle soreness in case that applies to me too.

I hope you feel better soon. Are you resting your legs, using ice or painkillers?


Thank you so much for all your advice. Feeling a little less paniced! Legs are feeling a lot better today so may try a gentle/short jog tomorrow and see how it goes.

Nevertoolate - I've just been taking Ibuprofen and resting and it seems to have helped. I know what you mean about the "I'll never run again" panic (lol!). Since doing regular longer runs, I've become much more aware (maybe a bit paranoid!) of the stress it places on my body and the risk of injury. I guess I'm still learning the do's and don't's and how to read my body and how it feels.


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