Couch to 5K

I stopped running .... 3 weeks without it and counting

I have found it really hard lately and kept on finding excuses for which I shouldn't go running.

And so I have skipped running for 3 weeks.

I have to say I also started a weight loss programme that I,again stopped it.

I just can't seem to motivate myself to go for it.

I really enjoyed it when I was running and I know that some runs can be good and other bad.

I had completed the couch to 5k and I could run for 40-45 minutes.

Please give some advices or sugestions!

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Can you pinpoint why you feel demotivated and maybe that would help you get your mojo back? Maybe do some short runs or intervals just to get yourself back into it. We'll all be right with you!!!


Scotsheather has the right idea - what's made you stop? Was there a particular reason you couldn't run for a few days and then lost your mojo? Maybe try some short tiny runs to get back into it? Or maybe another form of exercise? If you have SKY channel 282 has fitness workouts on all day..........(part of the standard package), maybe try something like that to get the bug back? In all honesty though, three weeks isn't terrible ........could happen to any of us! Good luck getting your Mojo back xx


I lost my running mojo after I had to stop for about 11 days due to illness, and then again because I was away on holiday.

At the time, I thought it was because I didn't want to run again...but then I realised that it was actually because I wasn't running - as soon as I got back out there again, my mojo started to reappear. It's not completely back - I haven't had that same buzz as before I stopped, but I think that's because I'm training towards a 10k race and so the runs are getting tougher and I'm getting more tired. I'm looking forward to running for pleasure again after the race and hoping I'll enjoy it properly again once the pressure' s off.


It's annoying the missus, but I kind of daren't stop running. It's taken me a long time to get to 10km. It took me a long time to return to 10km after an enforced lay off. I wouldn't say I enjoy running, I do enjoy the effect running has on me, and I don't enjoy the quilt feeling I get from bit running...


Hey pinkie. You said that you had completed the couch to 5k and could run for 40-45 minutes. That's a great achievement and it would be an equally great shame not continue unless of course you don't want to.

As you've created this post I assume you do so my tip would be to log off, get your running kit on and go for a run.

Don't think about it and just go.

If you enjoy it then great and if not then forget about it and maybe try again in a couple of days.

Good luck with whatever you decide anyway.


You could run for 40-45mins? That's really good!!! Like you say some runs can be good, some bad but you've already accepted that so go out and see what happens, building up again each run. I've just put something on another thread about the psychological side of things ( and I think that the visualisation aspect will help you - as you've previously enjoyed running, think back to those routes, the feelings you had while you were running them, and then reminisce about them during the day prior to a run (or whenever you tie up the trainer laces) and head out with those positive thoughts in your head, recalling them during the route.......I used to do a run where at a certain point I came round a corner into a slight downhill section with the scenery opening up in front of me...visualising that beforehand and imagining how good it would feel to reach that point would always spur me on when actually doing the run, and then reaching that actual location gave me an almost physical boost, I felt like Popeye eating spinach!!!!

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Some advice I got that I took to heart:

It is your head that is out to get you. It will tell you that you don't want to run, that it's too much effort.

Your body probably won't agree with your head. It will enjoy the run once you get started.

So ignore your head and get out there - if you have to tell yourself that you're only going for ten minutes, do. Once you get out, I bet you carry on. :)



I do get you, as I sometimes feel 'lazy' to go for a run. I was away for a week on holiday, took my running gear with me but could never find a place nor time to run. I was in a farm and the roads were too narrow to take the risk. Anyway, here I am off for a week and feeling lazy to go for the run, but I AM going to run today after the sun goes down a bit, that's for sure.

You running is great, 45 minutes non stop running is a great achievement. So please don't give up!! Do you think that you can find a running buddy?? If you can, that would be great. I run on my own but many a times I thought how nice if I had a running buddy so when I feel lazy, the running buddy can push me a bit. I have a friend who runs with a friend and have been doing so for years and she said that works for her.

If not, as runningnotwalking says, log off, don't think about it, get ready and go for the run! I think the hardest part is to get out of the door, afterwards everything is fine. Just do it, good luck!!!


Everyone was right, I did tried to find excuses but after I got home from work I put my gear on and I was gone.

I somehow managed to give myself a back pain but I thought to myself that is just another excuse I will use to not go..

So I went for a run and my back didn't hurt... at all... I did only manage 20 minutes of running today but I am hoping that I will improve to 30 minutes on thursday.


You dont need to run everyday for weight loss.your exersice should be a combination of cardio and weights. try its fun and effective. don't punish your body.i have 10 kgs .by doing exercise and taking healthy meals


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