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I <3 running :)

Week 10, Postgrad week 1, whatever I think of it as, I completed it tonight. I managed to fit 3 runs in since graduation a week ago which I'm really pleased about as I was worried with a lack of direction that I wouldn't keep it up.

Park run on Saturday was really fun and I can't wait to go back this Saturday.

My next run was an inpromptu one on Monday night. At about 4pm, I decided to try to squeeze a run in between work and meeting a friend. I did just over 4k (the perils of not planning or measuring a route, not planning a playlist or doing a podcast, and generally not really having the time or energy to do the actual run). I felt knackered and wasn't able to zone out at all during the entire run. Despite this, I was glad to get out and learnt a big lesson to at least have a more structured idea of where I want to run next time.

Tonight's run was the 3rd of the week. I decided to try the stepping stones podcast and had listened to it on Saturday so knew what I was in for. People who have read my podcasts will know I'm not a measurer. I don't take a phone, watch or GPS-ma-bobber on runs with me, and only roughly plot my routes on google after I do them, so until I got my park run time, I had no idea what time and distance I was running.

I could not believe it, but the stepping stones podcast was far too slow for me. I quickly decided to ignore the 1,2,3,4 counts and just run at my normal pace, hoping that when the BPM increased, I'd find one which matched my pace. It got to 160BPM and I was still running faster than this. My strides are small but when I tried to lengthen them to slow down, it just felt horrible and I was completely uncomfortable. Who knew?

After the podcast ended, I kept running and covered 6.6km. Again I have no idea what time I did this in, but I just really enjoyed running and was beaming at other runners and bopping along to Wham! - Wake Me Up Before You Go Go (GREAT running song for those of you who haven't tried it!) on a relatively mild, clear night.

I seem to be able to run at my pace for a good while (I think I could run 7km+ if I planned a longer route) but if I try to increase my pace even a fraction, it feels like my lungs are going to jump out of my chest! I just can't seem to go quicker.

I really want to try to get a bit faster, so I think after my upcoming park run on Saturday, I shall try the speed podcast and see how I go.

For now I am delighted that I am continuing to absolutely love running, even after the initial podcasts have finished. Roll on future challenges! :D

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well done you! I have been thinking about 'what next' and how I'm going to keep myself motivated to run, although I do get quite a buzz from the running, so hopefully I'll need an endorphin fix a few times a week.

You are covering some distance there! Good luck with adding some speed training. I'll be interested to know how you get on with the podcast.


Thanks vixiej, I'm the same, though I still get that real hesitation before going out, even though the minute I am outdoors on my run I am loving it! There must be something in our brains which tells us not to go out in the dark in the winter. I cannot fathom why I feel so reluctant but it happens really often.

Hopefully all us graduates :) will keep each other going with tips and ideas for how to progress past 5k. I'll definitely post about the speed podcast when I get round to doing it.


Fantastic, NewbieRunner! You must have some stamina to keep going after Stepping Stones! I'm like you, don't measure distances until I get home and use runmyroute or similar. My proper runner friend just says keep going until you just have to stop! (risking a Forest Gump scenario!) I've tweaked a leg muscle so am readying it for a week, at least that's he intention, but I may have to see how it is with a run later today.....


Thank you Soozz! :) Not sure what's wrong with me, stepping stones was far too slow but yet I am the slowest at my park run - maybe it means it is just a fast park run! I'd love to try just keeping going until I have to stop - I will have to plan a longer route next time and try it out, to the dulcet tones of Fleetwood Mac a la Forrest Gump :D

Sorry to hear about your leg muscle, hope it heals soon!


Hi Newbie! Well done you. That's great. You can run so far and so fast, I'm in awe and nowhere near those distances! And you sound so chuffed!

I think that enjoying it is really important and so now past graduation, we have the freedom to go out when we want to becuase we want to and not because we have to.

I have only managed that one run since graduation. I did it not because I wanted to, but because I knew I wouldn't be able to run the rest of the week as I was away for work and working long days, so felt like I ought to and I think that contributed to it being rubbish - my heart (and body) just wasn't in it.

I am back now and looking forward getting back into my running and taking on the 5k+ podcasts!


Thanks Rollertoaster, I just feel like a big ball of excitement any time I "break the rules" and keep running when Laura tells me to stop! I definitely feel like I have been achieving lots, but I am next to last in a group of 50+ runners at Park Run so I think that's why I have it in my head that I'm slow.

Good luck with the 5k+ podcasts and let me know how you get on. I've park run tomorrow then might try speed on Monday.


Don't worry about parkrun times. I checked out the times of my local one and it was fast! First people coming over in 14 or so mins and the last at just over 30! If I do it, they will have to wait a little bit longer for me to finish! Maybe they would have packed up and all gone for a drink before I stumble over the line! :)

Will be trying a podcast tonight so will let you know.

Oh and nice badge by the way! :)


ha ha, that will be me when I do them too, they'll all be in the pub on their second drink by the time I stumble in. Can't wait :-D


Hi NewbieRunner, thanks for the post! I think we graduated about the same time and it is nice to read about your experiences. I have been keeping up 3 runs /week (if I run tomorrow!) and my first goal after graduation was to ensure that I could do a 5K (I am doing a charity run next week).

Next goal I think is to not have a goal for a while (if that makes sense)- I want to settle in to running so that 5K is easy, and so that I feel like running longer (like you said, just run until you stop). I will also deal with our snowy and cold winters here and figure out how to run under these conditions. In the spring I might start thinking about progressing to a 10K (and force the issue by signing up for a run!)...

I am glad that you are continuing to love running and I look forward to reading your posts!


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