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1st post grad run - in which I discover the joy of radio podcasts!

I enjoy running to music but I sometimes get a bit bored then I find it hard to keep running. So today, on my first post grad run, I decided to give the spoken word a try. Oh my lordy it was fab!!! I was listening to Josie Long's Radio 4 podcast, Shorts - the time just flew by. There are so many different programmes to choose from so I'm really looking forward to listening to some interesting shows.

For the first time today I also measured the distance of my 30 minute run. I'm still quite a bit off the 5k at 3.7k but I found that I didn't mind. I'm now going to concentrate on getting my speed up and aiming for that 30 minute 5k.

Since we've had such lovely weather, today was only the second time I've run in the rain, I really don't like it ! But hey ho, this is Wales and if I let rain put me off I'll be back to sitting on my behind on that couch!! So I'm now researching suitable rainy day gear!!

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I never wanted to run listening to music but got sucked in by C25k and I am a Radio Four bore, but at the time I run it's Farming Today and I have quite enough livestock to deal with on my run, thank you very much. Thanks for giving me the idea of podcasts. There are all sorts of programmes that I miss during the week and this could be the way of catching up. When I ran with my son recently he was listening to a Learn Italian course, which also seems like an interesting experiment.

Good luck with the speed. I am doing the opposite and trying to build up distance and stamina.



I'm now hooked to running while plugged into headphones, but haven't tried listening to a spoken word podcast - definitely going to give it a go, after reading how much you enjoyed it. :-)

I did laugh at your suggestion that you'd never run if you let a bit of Welsh rain stop you - I live just West of Cardiff and was saying only this afternoon that living here makes a tumbledrier an essential, not a luxury! I don't actually have one but it's top of my must buys...along with wet weather running gear!


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