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In need of a kick up the backside!

So I've struggled with routine over the summer. I'm not in work and been here, there and everywhere. Completely out of routine and found the hot weather difficult to run in. All of this has meant that I've only run about half a dozen times in the last 5 weeks.

This week my mum has been in hospital 100 miles away and I start a new job on Monday so I'm feeling quite stressed. Need to get back out there and get running. I know it will make me feel better but definitely need some firm encouragement from people who are in the know - that would be you lot.

Going to try to get out there tonight.

Viki :-)

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Consider yourself kicked! :-)

But once a week isn't too dire and you've had good reasons...

Just think how great you'll feel after you've got a couple of runs under your belt and get back into a running routine! You can do it!


Don't know about you but in my experience I found it much easier to have a routine to work with than rather my now retired status where I am free to use my time as I wish. The discipline of having to get up and out at regular times every day is so much easier to deal with. I am a lazy procrastinating being now and I do not like that. Jobs take as long as I wish to complete and it is too easy to put things off for yet another day.

You will probably find that once you are back in the routine of work again that you are more efficient and manage to fit a lot more into your life. Hope so and that your Mum is soon on the mend.

The running will help to de-stress you too!


You so need to run to dissolve all that stress. Once you get going you will wonder why you stopped. Go for it x


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