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I really did it, just finished my graduation run and I feel fantastic!!

The highlight was 10 minutes into the run when a car stopped and the passenger asked for directions to the crematorium!! There was no way I was stopping so I shouted "I can't stop, you'll have to follow me and I 'll point the way" .

When Laura said I had 5 minutes to go I was playing the Rocky Balboa theme song in my head, the one where he runs up the steps, even did a wee Rocky style jump up and down at the end!

9 weeks ago I really struggled to run for 1 minute and didn't really think there was any way I could finish the plan. At that stage I found myself questioning why, at 50 years old, I was putting myself through that grief. Today I ran for 30 minutes and whilst it still isn't easy I now believe I'm a runner.

There is still a way to go but my shape is definitely changing and I'm thrilled with that.

Big thanks to Laura and everyone on here, I know I'd never have been able to do it without your encouragement.

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Congratulations! Enjoy the feeling of your graduation and get a lovely badge next to your name! You deserve it :)

I love your crematorium part :D I just wonder if it were just visitors or people planning to drop something (granny?) off ;)


WOW! Amazing, well done you! I am going to read this when I feel like I am struggling, like today! At Week 2 Run 1 I can't imagine running for 30 minutes. You should be very proud of yourself!


FANTASTIC !!! Your joy in infectious and I feel like I just graduated again. So pleased for you and we just started our week 11 this morning and those 30 minute runs are much easier. Good luck and best wishes for your post grad program


Congratulations ,fantastic achievement and yes , you are officially a runner with a badge to prove it !

Great post...loved your crem story ! I'm always being asked for directions it seems, though fortunately not when out running- I'd hate the interruption ! I see very few people on my route.,luckily ...but oh lord, for someone to try to stop you mid-graduation run,just doesn't bear thinking about :)

A great motivational post.Well done and enjoy your future runs!


Congratulations!!! Love the crematorium bit - it would take a lot to stop any run, let alone a graduation one. Enjoy the moment.


Well done!!!!


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