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I did it! Might pay for it tomorrow and may never manage it again, but...I DID IT!!

For the first time ever, I ran 10k and even a little bit extra. :-)

After my super speedy run on Wednesday, when I finally broke the 9 minute mile barrier over 5k, my left leg has been almost totally useless - my shin hurts, my hamstrings feel like they're going to snap and my big toe joint is causing all sorts of problems.

I should have run on Friday but that was a definite no, as was yesterday - I spent the day hobbling round like a very old lady.

Woke up this morning and my leg still didn't feel right, plus I was getting short spells of dizzintss (possibly due to my on-going sinus problems.) Hummed and haahed about whether to have another day's rest (but worrying I might never feel fully fit to get out) or whether to push on through (possibly forcing a situation that would then require even more rest days).

After a quick amble around Tesco, my leg was feeling a bit easier so I bit the bullet and hit the streets - no real fixed goal, but a vague idea of where to get to before turning back.

First 5 minutes was bad...really bad. My leg felt pretty dire and I was very tempted to stop and walk home. Next 20 minutes or so were tough - my head was full of doubts. Got to the turn around and decided that it was quicker to run back than to walk, even slowing my pace to a snail' s.

Plodded homeward and suddenly found I was in the zone - breathing fine, legs working on their own (even if my left leg was slapping the ground like a dead fish)...all thoughts of, "how much further?...I must stop...I WANT to stop!" left me and I decided simply to carry on.

Quick look at my phone told me I'd run for 50 minutes. There was no way I was stopping so close to an hour (furthest run to date had been 48 minutes), so I carried on until I hit the 60 minute mark...and it felt good! I actually could have kept on running. :-)

Came home and mapped it on Runkeeper - 6.43 miles...more than the magic 10k!

My last 3 weekends' long runs have been a revalation to me - I always thought that the fact I was dying to stop after 5k, puffing, tired, legs like lead etc, meant that any further was impossible. Now I realise that everything after that is SO much easier and more than pays for the torture of those first few miles. :-)

I'm on a high - goodness only know what my body will have to say about my behaviour tomorrow, but for now, I'm over the moon. Xx

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That is one gutsy run, Honorsmum. Congratulations. 10k is my next target and I reckon we will all have to sufffer a little to achieve these targets. What has this thing done to us all?


Congratulations on making it to 10K. Pretty good feeling isn't it :-) I hope it's the first of many.


Congratulations, that's a fab achievement and a great time! I'm working my way towards 10k but not sure I'd have the gumption to carry on when it hurt that much! Ive managed to run for 52 mins but only cover 7k in that time, so 10k still feels a long way off.

I need some of your oomph to get me to the next level! :)


Thank you all!

People who know me will tell you I am the most stubborn, bloody-minded person you'll ever meet - not always a good thing, but it does me the occasional favour ;-)

My goal 4 years ago, before being diagnosed with Crohn's, was to run a 10k. When I had to give up running completely, I gave up that goal. Even when I started the c25k programme in May, my only goal was to be able to run for 30 minutes.

I'll never be graceful or fast, I'll never run a half or full marathon, I may never run 10k again but at least I can say I did it. :-)


Well done!!! And a very good time as well!


Thank you!

Best of all, I'm still able to walk today - bonus! :-)


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