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Lost the urge to run

The last time I went for a run was last Tuesday - in the gym at the hotel we were staying at. Ran 5k watching TV.

Have meant to run at least twice since. Woken up early. Taken gear to work to run in the gym after work. Each time just haven't got as far as putting on shorts and t-shirt.

Has anyone else gone through this "can't be bothered" phase?

I really do enjoy my running, even running in Menorca whilst on holiday in March. But this heat seems to be draining all the enthusiasm.

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Nah, I'm always enthusiastic for a run. I hate it if I have to miss one but I try and pick it back up so I'm not one short if you get me. It won't hurt to have some time off though. You might find that when you do get back out there that the rest has done you good. Your body will probably be chuffed to have a breather and you will run even better when you do get your trainers back on.

This weather is draining. Even the smallest of tasks seem hard as it's so energy-sapping


I am finding it difficult too, to fit in with work, garden, making jam (with abundance of fruit) and of course the heat. I haven't managed all my runs either and feel very guilty. I don't know that it's can't be bothered as much as there is so much else to do and it's finding the time. I am resigning myself to trying to do two a week till I get on top of all the other stuff and if I manage 3 - that's a bonus.

I agree with missw - this heat is draining and you will enjoy the wee break


I think the heat probably has a lot to do with it if its anything like around us at the moment. Just remember you have to be kind to yourself, maybe go for a very short run purely for pleasure, no long or fast targets. I am going out at 5:30am as it is the only chance I get in my day at the moment as I am so busy at work but as difficult as it is to get up it is beeeoooootiful at that time of the morning and that helps me gather my enthusiasm for the next run :)


Run when it's fun. If you don't feel like it, don't. No point knocking yourself out in this heat if you don't feel in the mood. The tracks and trails and treadmills will still be there for you when you do feel like it.

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I'm with Rignold... run when it's fun... this heat is terrible for running in and drains the energy... just get out for a brisk walk instead if the thought of a run is too much... try an early morning or a late evening while it's still light...

You'll be back into it soon enough (you know you want to) and you'll pick up straight where you left off!

Happy running!

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Thank you everyone. Woke up without the alarm at 5.30 - and got out of bed at 6.15.

Decided to take Laura with me, week one run one. Didn't even work up a sweat but I did enjoy myself. I met 13 Canadian geese, three moor hens, two blackbirds, seven mallards and a heron.


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