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How to lose fitness in 4 easy weeks


Oh dear. I was quite shocked yesterday to realise that I've only run once in the previous 4 weeks. I was in England for 2 and a half weeks and totally unprepared for the heatwave - having been spoiled by always running in a nice sea breeze here, I found it unbearable to run in the humidity and only managed one slow run in the whole time I was there. I don't know how you've all coped with it but am full of admiration for you all slogging away in the heat!

Then I came back to SF just in time for a 3 day music festival, then back off to Pittsburgh for work - I did at least pack my trainers but did I use them? Er, no.

So yesterday was the first run in ages and it was so lovely to get back out there - but it was such hard work! I did the 'Stepping Stones' podcast which I really enjoyed. The 150bpm felt a bit weird and slow at first, but actually I think it was roundabout my normal pace, perhaps I'm just not quite as regimented normally. Then with the 155bpm I started to get quite tired and had a few little walks sneaking in. Then the final 160bpm nearly finished me off and I had quite a long walk! I only managed 4k running in total, but I did really enjoy it and am grimly determined to keep at it until I am doing the whole thing without stopping. Fingers crossed...

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I know how you feel. I have not run for just two weeks (sounds like confession) and feeling it. Going to do last run of week 9 for the next two runs to get back into it. Then on to a nice 10k using and audiofuel session.

You will get back in to it, just ease in gently.

Good luck.

FletchasketchGraduate in reply to alcopop

Thank you! And good luck to you too :-)


I didn't run for a month because I was fasting in the Islamic month of Ramadan. My first comeback run was almost two weeks ago and I am still building up to my previous fitness. I think it will take two more weeks to get back to where I was.

It just shows that we need to keep up the work if we want to maintain out new found fitness!

FletchasketchGraduate in reply to Aftabs

I'm also a bit disturbed that 4 weeks slipped by so fast. At least you have a proper reason for not running! I think you're right and will try to bear it in mind as I puff and pant around tonight's route!


I had a month out due to injury, a month back in and then another 6 weeks out owing to another injury. It does set us back, and I found the first few runs hard work but the good thing is there is a reserve of fitness so it's not like starting from scratch thankfully. Totally agree with the strategy of easing up on targets for a while, I'm enjoying some gentle fun runs - all the nicer for being unable to for so long. Best of luck to all others who are getting back out there!

FletchasketchGraduate in reply to notbad

That's true, it's definitely not back to square one, when I thought 60 seconds running might be the end of me. I had stopped enjoying my running quite so much before I went away, and I think it's because I kept pushing myself to go faster and beat my time. I want it to be as much fun as it used to be, so if I want to walk for a bit... well, I shall!

Enjoy your gentle runs and I hope you stay injury free.

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