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First run in 4 weeks! First parkrun in almost 4 months!


Hello everyone! Woohoo! I got struck down with the winter lurgy late but quite chesty and then I was away at a uni reunion last week, all meaning I haven't run since 6th March :O

Today I was reunited with running at parkrun. I haven't run at parkrun since 12th Dec, partly because of physio advice and partly because I've been trying to do longer runs on my own at the weekend.

Needless to say I've lost some minutes off my 5k PB but it was so nice to be back and the sun was shiiiiining! The flowers were out! Hello spring! My goal today was just to complete the run and not to have any walk breaks (this is something I've stuck to since graduating) and I managed that, it's all I wanted. Quite happy I can still run 5K non-stop after such a break!

Hope others parkrunning this morning had a good one :) x

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Sounds like the perfect return , well done :) 


I had my first experience today, and it was very enjoyable!  Lovely and sunny in Moray!  And a very fast time as well!!!


Hi Sarah, well done on getting back to Parkrun. It's tricky fitting it all in when you are trying to do longer runs. Are you training for a 10K ?

sarah469Graduate in reply to susie_bourne

Hi Susie, thanks! "Are you training for a 10K" - I'm not sure to be honest - in theory, yes, but I don't seem to be doing it very well :P Haven't entered any races and it scares me a bit as it takes my body long enough to recover from 5K!

susie_bourneGraduate in reply to sarah469

HI Sarah, I know what you mean, about the 5K. I think also because Parkruns tend to be on undulating courses it can make them more hazardous still !!! I'm training for a 10K race for life in June. I thought it would be less pressure and much more fun than serious !!! As a first go, it should be quite enjoyable ! Here in Bournemouth it's along the Seafront , so nice and flat too lol !!


Brilliant.. welcome back!

Well done Sarah, that's great! Back in the park run saddle and no walkies after a long break is superb :) 

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