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Ventured out after work yesterday lunch time to start W8. Mixed weather meant there was some drizzle and occasional breeze, which I quite enjoyed as I was heating up quite a bit.

The actual run went well. I made sure I took it as slow as I could whilst still being in the 'realm' of running :o The first 10 minutes the legs were feeling sore but once I was over that they got into a rhythm and I managed to keep going for the whole 28 minutes.

Not sure what happened to 'Julie' as I seemed to only have Laura talking to me as usual. Did I miss something or someone?

Anyways onwards to R2 in the morning :). Happy Sunday folks

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It doesn't really feel any worse than W7 does it!

Except I got home before the cool down walk finished..

first_mateGraduate in reply to KS69

No you're right. But I'm having to add a bit extra route onto the runs too lol. Thinking of trying a different road back tomorrow which hopefully will give me the extra distance for this week and next :)

KS69Graduate in reply to first_mate

Next week I will definitely have to adjust somehow with those 3 extra minutes! but I've got a nice little route going and I think post graduation I will probably stick to that route and just do 25-28 mins midweek and maybe increase on a weekend..


Well done - good run. I never heard Julie either, I think it depends which podcast you are using.

first_mateGraduate in reply to skysue16

Ah that's what I was wondering :D


Well done! So close to that 30 minutes now!

Do you listen to the NHS podcasts? I'm sure you wouldn't miss Julie if you were. She appears around the 12 minute mark...

first_mateGraduate in reply to melly4012

Yes it's the NHS one I was directed too. Definitely no Julie lol, Laura all the way :D

melly4012Graduate in reply to first_mate

How strange! I wonder if they're new podcasts? How closely do you listen to the music?

Hint: She doesn't narrate like Laura but comes up as part of a song...

first_mateGraduate in reply to melly4012

Oh OK ! In that case I'll listen harder on Wednesday. It will be my spot Julie run ;)

Well done on the 28mins...you are getting close to graduation week..😊

The nhs podcasts with Laura and music playing include Julie..you can't really miss her its ever so slightly annoying😆

Week 8 and reprised in week 9.

Go you...

first_mateGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

I must be cocking a deaf one lol only heard Laura again today for R2! how strange. Unless there are 2 NHS versions maybe?!

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