How quickly you lose it!!!

I trained quite hard for a 10K race up until the end of March - using a Jack Daniels plan and sticking to his training paces. I finished up quite fit for that and was surprised at the time that I did the 10 K's in. For the next 3 weeks of April, I just ran easy and slow - and after that in May , my runs were very spasmodic as we were travelling and those I did were also slow and easy. For the past 3 weeks , still travelling, I admitted defeat and did virtually nothing - a few easy and very short runs

So - now I am back home - have put on a couple of KG's!! :( - recovering also from a head cold - have done 3x5K runs since my return and I am doing it tough!! :) It is also very humid here at the moment - 93%RH - although not so hot, only around 17C in the morning.

I know I will get it back in time - I am just amazed at how much you can lose over a couple of months.

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  • Don't tell me this Bazza, I'm just about to start training again after 4 months off with my ankle, lol :D

  • Morning AM! Oooh you're starting training again. Fab!

  • You'll be back to your usual glory in no time Bazza.

  • He He -- I came so close to breaking that 30 minute for 5K goal!!!! - only 20 seconds away! Now I am back to 35 minutes!! :(

  • Life would be very boring without goals!

  • I've read somewhere that it goes like this: one week with no running takes us two weeks back. I found it demoralising...

  • I don't see how that can be true! Maybe for people that absolutely hate running...

  • My daughter did competitive gymnastics and it was miss one training session and it takes three to catch up... And she used to say that it was very true.

  • But you had a great time travelling! I am sure you will soon get back into the swing of things!

  • Hi Bazza,

    I read something similar to ViaM, but I thought it was essentially "if you don't run for 2 weeks you start to lose the conditioning you've built up".

    I'm a firm believer in the long slow runs which I read about in one of your threads first, and it's the basis of the Runners World plan I used to get from 31:32 to (now) 28:03 over 6 weeks, so you're definitely on the right track to crack the 30 minutes...

    I seem to remember from an earlier post that you had a bit of a cold as well, plus the KGs add a bit of time, so I believe you will be back to your best in a couple of weeks max, PLUS you will probably feel better because your body has had a bit of a break.

    And also Bazza, it's hard for me to sympathise too much with you, as you've just had a 7 week holiday! :)

  • Hmm -- I always say that we do not go on holiday. Our "trips" are really anything but a holiday - more like an exercise in masochism!! :) We do far too much -- because we live at the end of the World , we have to!! OH!!- to be able to just hop across the Channel for a visit to France or Italy. Fancy a couple of weeks in Monaco, Dahling?? It's not too far away!! :)

  • I know! It's so annoying. I don't know whether that's just an age thing. Maybe if you're a young un you can get away with it. We certainly can't ! Sigh. Life's so unfair

    You'll get back into it Baz but it just feels like such a slog sometimes

  • I found the same had a chest infection and couldn't run for nearly 3 weeks. Just back up to running 5k but still not as quick as you. Hope it goes well for you Bazza and hope you had a lovely holiday :-)

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