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Running Shoes- Advice needed

Hi everyone, since starting C25K I have used my old faithful Reebok trainers, which I have had for years. Last week, I decided as I was close to graduating (just done week 9 run 2 tonight) I would treat myself to a pair of decent running shoes.

I went to my local running shop, stood on a thermo heat type thing which apparently said which style of shoes would suit me and ended up with a pair of Asics Gel GT-1000 at £89.95.

I did the park run last saturday in them, and have done 2 runs this week (Tues and Thurs - week 9 run 1 and 2)

After each run, the balls of my feet feel tingly, a bit like pins and needles. My heels are fine, and otherwise the shoes are fine. What I wanted to know if anyone has any opinions on what is happening, as I didn't get this with my old trainers and should I hang on in there and do you think it will get better with time.

I know a lot of people have said in some posts that running shops will take shoes back if they aren't suitable, but I didn't even think to ask if the shop did this when I got them.

Any advise gratefully accepted. :)

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Did the shop watch you run at all?

I know you can tell a lot from what your soles do on the floor - running books suggest you stand with wet, bare feet on a tiled floor and look at the imprint left behind to see whether you over-probate, for e.g., but most running shops will do an actual gait analysis, watching you run.

When I was fitted, I had to run up and down the street (in front of a whole bus queue!), wearing various shoes to see which best suited my gait.

If it's a decent shop, they should listen to your concerns and either reassure you or offer advice.


Before you go back with your shoes try loosening off the laces a little bit over the high part of your foot, pins and needles is often caused by laces being a bit tight as most people's feet swell when running.

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There's a YouTube video (don't know the url, sorry) on different methods of tying shoes, never knew there were so many. By an Addidas guru if memory serves.


They didn't watch me running, I tried on various shoes, but just walked in them, perhaps its my mistake for not running in them, the shop certainly has a good reputation locally, so perhaps I should ring them. Thanks Honorsmum


thanks oldgirl, the first run in them, that is what I thought, maybe I had the laces too tight, so on the 2 following runs I have made a concious decision to make them looser, but I will try making them looser at the high part of my foot and see if that helps.



Thanks Crox, I will try and find it on you tube x


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