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Week 2, run 1 complete!

Well I have to say I was dreading today! I work with dogs so I'm walking them all day long, so I'm knackered when I leave work (like everyone, but there Is no excuse!) this is the first run I've actually done after work (fortunately I had the days off for week 1!!)

Anyway, I feel GREAT!! :) I'm glad I went! I feel really upbeat and ready for my next run! (Endorphins have obviously kicked in!) I managed to complete it, in my village the path is really hilly..and on my last run of the podcast I had unfortuantly had to run up a steep hill..that was tough haha. But I did it!! :)

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Yay, well done you!! I must admit, the runs in the evenings after a day at work are a bit tougher than the ones in the mornings, I find anyway. I've just done wk 3 run 1 and also encountered a steep hill on one of the running bits, but I just go really - and I mean really - slowly and manage to get through it! Then I feel smug for the rest of the day :)

Glad you're enjoying it too, it really lifts your mood doesn't it? I can't wait for the next run!! :)


Good for you, keep at it - those happy endorphins make it all worth while!


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