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Week 1 Run 3 complete! Week 2 worry


So yay I’ve completed 3 runs this week & feel slightly better after each day. Bit concerned about week 2. Worried I won’t be able to run the extra 30 seconds - how have others found starting week 2? Does it come naturally or is it much harder?

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C25K is structured for you to be in control, so there is nothing to worry about.

Relax and read this healthunlocked.com/couchto5...………..positivity

You can do this.

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That’s very uplifting. Thank you. I can do it and I will do it!


I am sure you can smash the extra 30 sec.

But if you are not confident, try to repeat week 1, or mix week 1 and 2 before moving on to clean week 2.

How long do you give yourself to achieve 5k?

What is the longest distance/time you have recently run?


Read the link from our excellent mentor.... and then slow and steady and trust the plan.. you get stronger with each and every run.:)

Well done ypu!


We all felt concern at first but learn to trust the plan, of you've completed a run you’re ready for the next. But, if you want to you can repeat. C25K is really about running for duration, so don’t worry about speed or distance, just take it nice & slow & drink plenty of water on rest days and run days. And learn to run slowly! Your brisk walk can be faster than your run! And there’s quite a few of us who are fans of the Japanese slow jogging technique (there’s a short film on youtube).

I thought I was going to die on that first run about 5 months ago, I ran for an hour (slowly!!) last week. If I can do it, so can you!


Well done on completing the first week!

Like you, I also found that each run in week 1 became easier, and so starting week 2 felt very much like a natural progression to the first. It is not unusual to feel nervous, but trust in the plan, take it steady and slow, and you will be fine.

I’m a complete newbie runner of 49 and about to finish week 3. I always said that I don’t do running and never thought I’d be taking part in C25K. I’ve set myself the challenge to do ‘5k by 50’ this year. 🤞😊

Enjoy week 2. I really enjoyed it!

I did my first week 2 run today and was worried about that extra 30 seconds but I did it , can't say i wasn't pleased when she said stop running and walk though, Hoefully the next run will be easier.


It does get easier as you follow the plan. If you find it difficult you can repeat any run. That is the beauty of the plan!

Fear is what holds us back x you can do this x I would never have thought I would be able to run for 25 min (currently week 7) x I’ve had some down times felt like throwing in the towel but have gone back a couple of runs, and persevered, always focus on the positives and how far you have come x

I have never done any running before and am totally unfit! Like you I was very nervous about being able to go the extra 30 secs but I have literally just got back from the gym having done W2R1. I found it surprisingly easy to do the first 90 secs but I was definitely feeling a more weary towards the end of the session. Having said that I couldn't believe it when Laura said it was the last run. Go for it, you'll do it!

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Thank you, that’s really encouraging and well done to you. I am actually looking forward to my first run of week 2 tomorrow after reading all the replies on how it’ll be fine. It’ll be interesting to see how my body will react to the slightly longer runs.

Well done for doing the first week! I did week 1 twice, like you I was worried about that extra 30 seconds. I did week 2 last week, the first run was harder, but wow did I feel good for doing it! That sense of accomplishment is an amazing buzz! Yesterday I did week 3 run 1. No way would I have thought that only just over 3 weeks ago could I do a 3 minute run. This is coming from a overweight (cough) 37 yr old lady who hasn't done ANY exercise since leaving school over 20 years ago. You can do! We can do it! 💪

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Ah well done you! I know exactly what you mean about the sense of achievement. I get a buzz after every run and I feel an amazing high. We will do this!

i start week 2 tomorrow and was similarly daunted -BUT - although running goes up to 90 secs, reps come down to 5 from 8. So total running time actually increase by 1 minute. I find this far more psychologically dealable-with. Well, at least on the Sunday before I actually have to do it :-)

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