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Not getting any easer

Hi all

I need help. I have been running for over 18 months and I am well able to run 10km. My personal best is 58 minutes 42 seconds but usually I do it in 1h 5 minutes. I am not too worried about the time. The problem is I feel I am hitting a wall. I run three times a week (I do 7 km twice a week and 10 the third day) and the last two weeks it has been really difficult, I know I can run but my legs weigh a ton and I need to ask my brain to move them each time. I really find it very hard, and it should be easier shouldn't it? I am not sure if I am lacking on motivation or what is wrong.

I have enrolled myself in the Great Pink Run in Dublin (10KM) in the 31 of August. And at this moment I am not sure if I will be able to do it. Any suggestions/ Motivations tips/ Help?

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I think you've simply run yourself into a corner and need to shake things up a bit. Maybe 2 x 7 and 1 x 10 is taking too much out of you or has become a mental block in that you've done what you always do so it must be time to stop.

How about just running a couple of shorter distances once a week? Even, say, a 3k plus a 2k interval one day, a 6k next time or some combination that suits you. Maybe some short interval runs or fartleks, anything to break the routine. I often don't know what I'm going to do until I actually start running and I really believe that helps keep things fresh.

Can you find a different route? Over-familiarity with your surroundings could be another reason the body says 'That's it for now, I'm bored'. Heading off down a road you don't know can be fascinating - I'm still finding places I never knew about and I've lived here 27 years! Even running it in reverse might help, give it a new perspective.

I'm sure others will have plenty of tips to re-inspire you!

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What Dottie says!

Intervals really help, both with speed and with stamina, it's surprising how tired you can get how quickly. Also less boring as you're only running for short times before you have to change and run faster or slower.

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Thanks beads I will try.


Thanks dottiemay, I will try it.


Agree with both Beads and Dottie. I graduated in April and I keep mixing it up. I do Speed and Stamina podcasts as well as a 10k+ run. I also do fartleks and intervals in both stamina and 10k. I have also found that I love running up hills...!! I don't have big hills in this part of Belgium but I always include one in a run and I SPRINT up. It's great for variety. Another thing is whenever I go to a different country or another part of Belgium, I take my running shoes and spice it up. Keep trying different things and challenges, but most of all find something that keeps you don't want to give up now after all your hard work. :)


I won't give up. But you all correct about trying different things. Thanks


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