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Please help - Running 5k race before training complete ?

Hi guys

Need your suggestions

Well I am on week 7 run 2 done today

I am more 7 run away from graduation run

A very unique event of running is taking place in our city . Considering the kind of city I am in. This is first time that a 5 k race is organised.

I really want to participate

My current score is

5.20 km in 39.40 minutes

Will that be fine ?

Should I go for it ?

I feel confident that I will be able to do it.

What things I should take care of ?

What I should keep in my mind before and during run ?

Pls help

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The 5k race is on 15 of February 2015


I think you will be fine :) There will be people of all abilities joining in. Just sign up and have fun :)


You should certainly give it a go ! If it is the first time something like this has been organised in your city then the more people that turn up the more fun it will be. Don't worry about your speed just enjoy being part of something new...


Definitely give it a go. Just go very very slowly and you'll be fine


Loads of people do 5ks with no training whatsoever - ie Race for Life. You'll be absolutely fine.


Not a problem - you have already done a 5K in under 40 minutes. You won't be first, but I doubt that you'll be last, either.


You know that you can do it, so just go out there and enjoy it. Running with other people will probably push you to go faster, so be prepared to be exhausted, but happy. Where on the planet are you, Viraniparvez?


Thanks sir

I am in India

State Maharashtra

City aurangabad


You should absolutely go for it! You are already doing the distance in a reasonable time. Sign up and enjoy! How lovely to be in at the start of something new!


GO for it, but just remember that this is only the first of many - you will become hooked like the rest of us.


definitely go for it , it will be a great experience :D


Heck yes! At our races we have some folks that walk for lots of it and take 50+ minutes. And of course the sub-20 minute folks. You should try it -you might really enjoy it.


Thank you friends

Just got registered

Today was off to the training

Tomorrow will be a light walk on the race route

And on 15 I will be running

by that time

Take care keep going


Keep running


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