Couch to 5K

Getting there

I thought it would help to hear a not very smooth path towards c25k.

I am 47, started fairly unfit, mildly asthmatic and slightly overweight. I started in September and am now at the end of week 6, did my first 25 minutes run today. You may have worked out this has not been a 6-week plan.

By week 3 I was struggling so I repeated it. I then developed a really bad hip, virtually unable to walk, so I took a week off (went for a swim) and did week 3 again and it was by then fine. Weeks 4-6 I have done each run twice. I have had to up my asthma medication to allow me to breath in the cold.

Sometimes it feels like I'm exhausted and sometimes it's fine. today was a great success, but I might do the same run on Monday and be half dead.

Overall it's been brilliant and I would recommend it to anyone. If like me you are likely to struggle, it's helpful to see the process as being the goal, rather than 30 minutes of running.

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Great post - I think the people who have done the plan in 9 weeks with no hiccups are very rare. I took 17 to graduate, but that was really just the start ...!


Great post. I don't know how many people manage to do it in 9 weeks but it took me about 16 weeks. Congrats on the 25 mins. It's a great achievement :)


Well said...some runs are awful some are great...illness, injury and in my case a car crash get in the way.But the thing is to keep going and to stay off the couch!


To run continuously for 25 minutes is a great achievement Victoria. You should be very proud. It matters not how long this takes. It took me about 6 months to complete the programme as I kept picking up minor injuries but I was in no hurry and took my time as I knew that running was going to be a life long passion and I wanted to do it right.

You can run for 25 minutes so you will be able to run for 30. It doesn't matter how long it takes you but you will do it, as you have already proved so far! Well done.


really well done and yes a great post :) i was one of the rare and very lucky ones that did do it 9 weeks :D not sure how on looking back , like you we all have good and bad days running, sometimes things work other they dont but that does make achieving a goal even more rewarding :D

big high five for you , stick with it you are doing so well :D


Absolutely brilliant! Well done you. Go at your pace and you will continue to get these brilliant results. Keep it up! :)


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