A bit late reporting in that I finished W9R3 about 6 hours ago! Bob won this morning and I was a bit slow mastering Bib too! I am allergic to bees (Yes, truly!) and have to attend a desensitizing clinic every month. Need to be on the bus at 9.40. Plan for today: up at 6.30, run to 7.30, shower, change and be ready for 9.00, then breakfast and out.

The reality: Up at 8.00. DOH! Blown it already. If I really push it I could still do it all and will be back just after 9.00 - still time to catch bus.

Well it was one of those mornings when everything was in the wrong place. Can't find water bottle, can't find keys, can't find MP3 player. Can't fasten strap hooks. And so it went on. Silly thing is I was really up for enjoying this run. I was late switching the pod cast on and that threw every stage of my run and normal turning places. Saw DOZENS of dogs and their owners all along the way. (only needed to shout at 1 owner - AND without swearing I'm glad to say!)

The run was fine. I managed it all and finished every last part. Less moaning out loud today so know I was coping better than last time. Very glad when Laura told me only 5 minutes left because by then I was finding it hard going! I even managed to run both the up and down ramps to the bridge both ways - never done that before! So I finished. No whoops, no tears of joy- just O.K. that's that then. ( as in 'Is that all there is?' mode)

Went to hospital on the bus and it is a lovely journey along the valley. On the way back I felt a quiet smugness creeping in. Followed by my mind buzzing with plans of how I can continue on this journey. Then plans to do all kinds of things with my life. I felt more alive, alert and buzzing than I have for years! And that feeling, although quietly to myself, was BRILLIANT! The best feeling ever!

I have complained often through this site that I am tired and just want my energy back. Suddenly I think I have found it again! I am at least thinking of all the good stuff I can do and how much better I feel.

So, message to all setting out on this plan or only part way through:

Hang in there. There are times when it feels really hard. Keep it slow and steady, accept you may have a rubbish run once in a while and don't stress over that when you do. And one day you will experience what I am feeling right now - and I tell you IT IS BLOOMING LOVELY!

Happy running everyone.

Going to see if they'll give me a shiny grey badge now!

And a huge THANK YOU to all you lovely bloggers for your support and inspiration over the weeks! Couldn't have done it without you!

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  • Fantastic blog and well done to you Beek!

    I'm doing Week 8 Run 1 tomorrow night and I'm already making little plans in my head about all the things I can now look forward to doing once I graduate.

    This is an extraordinary programme.

    I can't wait to be where you are right now. Again, well done, well done, well done!

  • I wish the feelings I am having at the moment to each and every one of you on this plan. I found the last 2 weeks hard work - but boy it is worth it!

    Good luck for your next runs - only 6 more and you'll be at the finish line too!

  • Beek that is fantastic news, well done!!!

    Congratulations on your graduation & I look forward to seeing your name with a nice, sparkling Graduate badge beside it!

  • My goodness - that badge appeared very quickly! thank you team! Thank you bloggers and bloggerettes!

  • Thank you Scipio! My badge has appeared already - very efficient!

  • Beek that is brilliant! You must be so proud.Can't wait to be in your shoes in six runs time.

  • I do admit to feeling a tad chuffed! And you will too in 6 more runs.

    Good luck!

  • Wow well done Beek, I remember a while back you posted that you were lacking energy (think it was you anyway) and it does improve in time and here you are that very proof. I do hope though that all that buzzing you are hearing is you and not bees. Congratulations on a job well done. :)

  • Yes I was a bit of a whinger then wasn't I? I was just disappointed I was not feeling those good positive feelings others were experiencing. But today is a really lovely feeling! I'm going to seek out a Parkrun now!

  • Fantastic news Beek !!! Oh my the possibilities are endless now and your lovely shiny badge sits so well next to your name. I hope these good feelings stay with you and I wish you lots of luck and best wishes with your future plans

  • Thank you Mazzero! I know it sounds a bit of a cliche but there were times I never thought I would ever get my badge!

    You're not far off now either - Good luck!

  • Great blog Beek and congratulation on your graduation onward and upwards from now on Pat :-)

  • Thank you Pat. I am still smiling from ear to ear! Feels good doesn't it? Must build on this now and not waste the effort!

  • Well done you, that's a great achievement. Like Oldgirl I smiled at all the buzzing and thought "that'll be the bees". But now you're a bee's knees Graduate. Great stuff, and a great post.

  • My knees, I doubt could carry a bee at the moment! I certainly know I have done some serious work today! Looks odd seeing Graduate badge beside my name!

  • Great stuff!


    What's next??

  • I haven't a clue! Must get something in place very soon. Going to seek out a Parkrun because that will mean I must get out regularly beforehand. I really fancy doing a 'naked' run - just for the sake of it! And also create my own play list. And I intend showing my face at the local running club.

  • Ooh, look at your new badge! Congratulations on graduating - great achievement :)

  • Thank you Anniemurph - I am feeling chuffed at last!

  • Well done!!! Such a great feeling!!!

    Go and celebrate ;-)

    EDIT - eek!! My badge has appeared too!

  • BRILLIANT - CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU TOO! Great feeling isn't it?

  • Beek!!! You did it!! Well done!!

    I knew you could do it and just look at how fab that badge looks!

    Great idea about the Parkrun, can't wait to hear how you get on with it!

    Congratulations again!

  • Thanks Jefna! I do admit to feeling a little (and increasingly as the day progresses !) chuffed with myself! Been looking up park runs and there is one near me which I can catch the bus to so I'm going to register now. It was hard work but well worth this pleasant feeling!

  • And so you should be chuffed!! All that hard work has paid off!

    Excellent news about the Parkrun too, good luck!

  • Congratulations Beek!! Fantastic!!

  • Hey Beek ! Wow...well done ,that's amazing! Nearly missed your post as I was about to switch off and go looking for shooting stars :) You must be so proud of yourself,you really deserve this...you've kept going when things haven't been so easy for you...you are an inspiration .HUGE congratulations x

  • Oooooo. I'm late in seeing your post. This is such a great story. I love your post and find so much about my own attitude and angst. You've done a great job of encouraging all the rest of us with your lovely honesty and aspiration. THANKS. And wear the grey badge proudly. What a fantastic feeling -- is so right! And now we'll turn to this new life habit RUNNING. Who'd have ever imagined it?? Best wishes.

  • Well done Beek!! Many congrats...lovely to read such a positive post. :-)

  • Congratulations - I am so happy for you! Really glad you've found that lovely feeling about it too. Maybe the shooting star I saw last night was put on specially for you. Ahhh!

    Now, just one little thing, I don't recommend combining running naked and showing your face at the running club. :D

  • CONGRATULATIONS! I am really, really happy for you! Your badge looks great! Lovely blog too! WELL DONE AGAIN! x

  • Hiya Beek, So very sorry to have missed this blog on your graduation day - my internet has been down :(

    Many, many congratulations, your blog is great and the sense of achievement is so palpable I want to rush around and break open a congratulatory bottle of bubbles with you! :D

    Enjoy your new found grad' status and keep up the running - I reckon the autumn and winter are going to be fabulous running times for us all -after some of the heated hiccups of summer. Take care and lots of luck,

    Cheers Linda x :)

  • Thank you Linda, the hard part is about to start - keeping on getting out there on my own without the spur of the programme to push me out!. I'm doing a Parkrun tomorrow, my first, and feeling a tad apprehensive that I am up to it because I only managed 10 minutes running yesterday - total rubbish run! It was very humid which didn't help. I am going to show my face at the local running club on Tuesday which I hope may keep me getting out. I really will enjoy the cool of autumn and winter soon enough. We'll share some virtual bubbles, eh? It is a pain all this technology when it goes off. I am without a mobile and I can barely function. How ever did we manage to run our lives in the past?

    Take care and Happy Running, Linda (two)

  • Bravo to you! I had thought I'd get around to a ParkRun but life and my own feelings of adequacy have so far thwarted my progress. I probably made a huge mistake by checking out the calibre of folk at my local venue and they are all budding Olympians - it looked as if everybody managed less than 30 minutes, mostly young blokes and mostly members of elite running clubs. I became downhearted, especially after reading all the jolly positive reports from C35Kers elsewhere around the country. My final graduate run was the elusive 5k and I did it on a ParkRun course, but I only managed it in about 48 minutes. I felt fat and slow and didn't need the humiliation of taking so long amidst such athletes, especially after I'd had the high of achieving this programme. However, I'm still doing 3 outings a week - fitting them in on non-working days, and have tried some of the follow-on podcasts. Mostly though, I run to my own music and discover more of the neighbourhood, park and sometimes a canal towpath. I aim for between 30 and 45 minutes and just see how far I can get - usually it's around 4k ... The sticky, airless weather has been horrible recently. I wondered about trying the level 1 exercises of the 30 Day Shred on non-running days? I've altered my eating habits about 3 months ago (determined it will be a lifetime change) and am feeling positive about some weight loss which is only just starting to happen. Anyway, it's now drizzling and wet underfoot from last nights downpour. No working today (but all weekend :( ) Think I might pop on my gear and get out in a short while. Lots of luck for tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you whilst stuck at work. Linda x

  • Wooohooo, stop press ... My C25K graduate running top arrived in the post as I sent my message to you! :D

    I'm outta here, into the showers and local footpaths ;) x

  • GOOD ON YOU! I am ordering a pink one! Running in rain is quite nice actually!

  • Hopefully it will be a positive day tomorrow and I will let you know how it went in case it spurs you on to ignore the body gods and goddesses! I can understand your reluctance but if you get to the back they won't be able to see how you do (unless they have eyes in their rears and with those types you never know!) and quite honestly they probably aren't even bothered!

    I looked at that 30 day shred, it looks quite punishing! I'm sticking with Strength and Flexibility for now. Along with 5/2 diet plan once I've got my head round it!

    I think just getting out and doing SOME running must be beneficial, better than couch! Pity you have to work tomorrow.

  • My changed eating regime was to the 5:2 plan! It's amazing - message me if you want more info/help with this (prob' better not to fill up a C25K blog with it, eh?)

    Run was a fabby, soggy, 3.5k :D

  • Message sent. How do you get those emotions (emoticons?) to show? And 3.5K is very respectable in the rain. My normal run, measured on Google maps, comes up as 4.4K so I am reckoning that if I add in my 1K warm up walk plus 1K home walk I should be able to do a 5K Parkrun - even if I have to walk some of it. Hope so!

  • Emoticons .. Mostly made from colons or semicolons plus the curved brackets (parentheses) . The semicolon give you a winking eye. A capital D gives you a broad, toothy grin. The characters have to be typed right alongside one another and depending what other text is in the vicinity, you may be prudent to leave a couple of spaces after your created emoticon. Feel free to practice on a message then delete as necessary - because they don't show otherwise until a blog is published. ;) :) :D

    I'm sure there are loads more - I just need the instructions - maybe someone else will blog them for you. X

  • Beek! I'm so happy for you. Congratulions and bst wishes for your future running plans :)

  • Thank you Ryansson! I think this is where I must be extra focused because I do not have the plan to get me out. Booked a Parkrun for tomorrow, must make that a habit if I enjoy it!

  • Well done Beek !! Knew you could do it. xx

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