feels better running without the 15lbs

In the last 2 months I have lost the 15lbs in weight and it makes such a difference to my running. I find the runs so much easier than before. In my mind, I equate it with losing the rucksack on my back with those 15lbs in it.

I feel so much more free than I was before. So here's to another 14lbs to come off in the next 2-3 months. I should be running like a gazelle!


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18 Replies

  • WELL DONE! That's a lot of weight. Have you been following a particular regime? It's about the amount I need to lose but the running isn't cutting it at the moment.

  • Beek, I have been running now for about 18 month. I never lost weight through running. In fact I gained 18lbs in that time. Its been weight watchers for me!

  • Congratulations Burstcouch!

    I'm trying to lose weight too. Only on week 2, so I'm curious to know how and when the weight comes off :)

    I'm taking in less calories, trying to be healthier with food choices and not snacking between meals... I haven't seen much progress yet, but I'm hoping it will come off soon!

  • I meant to say to you before to try myfitnesspal. It really works, simple calorie counting and you add your exercise and it gives you back calories....my wine quota...I have lost 1.5 stone so it does work....good luck and keep us posted on progress...

  • Thanks juicyju! Just logged on and it is really helpful :)

    Love how we can still drink wine on a diet!

  • Had to resort to weigh watchers to help.

  • Go, gazelle, go! Brilliant work there, burstcouch. :)

  • Thanks green legs. But just realised my legs are too short to be a gazelle. More hippo length!

  • Somehow 'hippo' doesn't give quite the same image, does it? :)

    How about thinking of your 'inner gazelle' - I seem to remember someone referring to this way back last year, and I rather liked it.

  • I included Tesco in a run back in April to pick up a bag of ice. That 2kg made a big difference to the run back home!

    Well done on the weight loss and good luck for it continuing.

  • Well done - thats a great result :-)

  • Fantastic - well done on your weight loss and your running! I could really do with losing 2 stone and am sure it would make a big difference to my running. You're a real inspiration, I must get my head around it, put my mind to it and just do it.

  • Yes! That's my mantra - "I'm a gazelle!" That's a great weight loss, and how nice that it makes you feel so much better. Congratulations :)

  • Congratulations on the weight loss and enjoy the losing of the rucksack :-)

  • Congratulations as well, there's nothing like getting rid of excess baggage!


  • Great stuff burstcouch thats a great achievement. Pat :-)

  • That's great! The fact you have found the running easier after the weight loss encourages me to start making sure I get serious about doing the same.

  • This really resonates with me as I too have put on weight in the 16 months I've been running and I've been wondering how much easier it would be with less weight to lug around. Now I know I have to pull my finger out and do something about it. Well done on your weight loss.

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