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Struggling without the running


So, I had a set back three weeks ago. Back went into spasm. No running since. Physio is sure I’ll be back at it but not soon as I’m still recovering. I thought I’d struggle with doing the programme and yet I find it’s the not being able to continue the hardest part. I’ll be back at it when I can but I’m the meantime I’ll keep reading the feed as you are all awesome and I still feel included despite my limitations.

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Sorry to hear of your problems ! Hope you’re soon back to normal. In the meantime, you might find the NHS Strength and Flex podcasts helpful ? I find they help my running as well as my everyday fitness; if your physio thinks they’re ok for you you’d at least be getting in training for running . . .

Thanks a million Buttercupkid, will look into these and ask her on Wednesday when I see her again. ❤️

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All the best with it. Haste ye back, as we say around here !


Hope you’re back soon, but you’re right not to be rushing it. Bet you never thought you’d miss running huh?!

UnfitNoMore, I genuinely would have bet against it before C25k but now I’m eager to be back at it.

☹️... but this will pass... 🙂

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