Couch to 5K

Post grad - what is reasonable?

Several weeks post grad now. After graduating we slowly worked up to 5k. Did a week of those then started doing speed once a week. Find that hard but will continue. Then we went away for a week , didn't run though did walk 45k including mountains. When we got back we "eased" into it by just doing a straight lap if the golf course which is around 3.5k. Now thinking what to continue with:

A) 2 runs of 5k and one speed

B) 1 5k , 1 speed & 1 "easier" shorter run round golf course

C) something else

I don't want to start doing less to the point where I end up back on the couch, but maybe I've been focusing too much on distance? What would you do? We are thinking of a big fun run in September.

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Have you done any hills yet? Its good to throw some in, so perhaps a short'ish run with a couple of ups and downs. I mixed up my running after graduation with:- 1 x Speed type run (wasn't out then) 1 x hills on different surfaces, (forest track, grass, & pavements) 1 x 5K plus, slow by increasing the distance gradually. This mix got me to 10K in about 7 weeks. Enjoy whatever you do. :)


Thanks! Yes we have a bygger of a hill on our golf course (weather we do long or short one). Not really interested in 10k tbh! :-)


I did 2x5k runs and one longer one, gradually increasing the time by 10% each week. Concentrating on time, rather than distance can take the pressure off, and is continuing in the same way as the podcasts. Ultimately try to make a plan and stick to it. Good luck :)


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