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Easy Living…. 1st post-grad run

Easy Living…. 1st post-grad run

Couldn’t stand not running anymore, so “Sorry, Doc”, but I went out this morning (Bank Holiday here in Italy). Had no idea how far I intended to go, I just wanted to be out there running again. No Laura on the podcast this time, but a mixture of upbeat Queen, Uriah Heep and Eric Clapton hits. :D

So, started off on my usual route, but after 5 minutes of easy running I turned off onto a track through the woods that gradually climbed …and climbed. It was fantastic! :D OK, so a couple of times my breathing got a bit short and the legs went really slowly too, but my body just kept going and the feeling of freedom was indescribable.

Just as I got to the end of the woods I was over-taken on by a pair of cyclists, one on the left and the other on the right. They gave me a real fright… I actually screamed (music so loud I hadn’t heard them… ooops, so much for personal safety). We had a quick laugh, then I continued, having to clamber over a barrier as athletically as I could manage, what with them watching while they waited for another of their number to catch them up. :-)

So on I plodded (feeling a little tired by now… some 3 km from home) and then got stopped in my tracks… a large flock of sheep+lambs was on the move. So I walked behind them for about 50 metres and had to pick up a straggler… a tiny little lamb who’d lost his mum in the chaos. Carried him across the ford and into the next field, leaving me with greasy hands (lanolin+dirt) and, of course, I didn’t think to wash them in the ford, stupid me!

Started off again, this time on a long gradual descent, then my bête noir, the really steep bit back up to town. Started thinking about my C25K journey… was it really only just over 10 weeks ago that I couldn’t run to save my life? And what about that time by the lake against the wind in week 4 when I felt I’d never manage it... What a change in such a relatively short space of time. :-)

Anyway, a triumphant return to town with U.H.'s "Easy Living" coming on at just the right moment for a final burst. Afterwards, no soreness, aches, etc. These orthotic insoles work! Been wearing them all day for over a week now, plus a few exercises to loosen my hip muscles and flex the old back…

So, I well and truly broke the 5K barrier: 6K in a shade over 1 hour. Not fast compared to some of you other recent graduates out there, but absolutely fabulous for me! I’m happy now to continue 5x50 with other forms of exercise and (perhaps, fingers crossed, doctors permitting) 1 'slow&steady' run every week or so. :-)

P.S. Woods were full of perfume: honeysuckle, elderberry, hawthorn and acacia, + many others. Wild strawberries in flower, too! Plus my first rose (pic above) is out!!!

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Not sure I should encourage you (?!) but that was a lovely blog - and a gorgeous rose. I've noticed some lovely scents in the past few days too - daphne skimmia and hyacinths. Mmmmmm!

Take care. :)


Notice now, greenlegs, I did it "slow & steady"!

Don't worry, will be good and follow doc's advice.

Enjoy the belated Spring. :D


Sounds perfect - what a lovely run. And what a distance and a time! Fantastic combination of achievement and enjoyment. Inspirational. :)


Yes, it was perfect. :D

Enjoy your 5K+ podcasts.


Naughty naughty, the doc will tell you off, we won't tell him if you don't.

Glad you had a good run though and such a great day for it. :-)


I'll sheepishly admit it to him when I see him next week... til then, I'm still grinning. :D

Happy post-grad running, alcopop.


A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do - run!!! :) A gorgeous run, so jealous! So glad the insoles are working and if you can do just one slow run when you can that would be so nice for you but please do take care....



Yes, the insoles are great. I'll check with the doc next week about a) possibility of running; b) intervals between runs... Until then 5x50 cycling, walking, S&F and, oh yes, swimming, haven't done that recently.

Have a great weekend. :D


Lovely, lovely blog - I'm so pleased for you about your run :) Fast doesn't matter, because you were out there running and enjoying it :) Have a great weekend!


Thanks Annie, so true (couldn't go fast anyway even if my life depended on it). Enjoy a fab weekend. :D


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