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Post Grad Run 9! Running heaven! ❤️


Hi Runners

I had a pretty stodgy food crave yesterday for some reason (bread, potatoes & cheese but resisted that one) and wasn’t feeling my most comfortable for a run today, but I committed myself to running another 5k today as my last consolidation run. I also wanted to shake off that feeling of heaviness. So I set out to one of my favourite spots, Coate Water Park to run through the trees again.

I chose a 50 minute Headspace run! This would be my longest run ever, but I wanted to be relaxed and just enjoy my run. I knew the gauge had to be set to slooooow 🐌 and if I needed to stop, so be it. I ran slow, very slow. But I ran all the way! I was totally lost in my run and when I was told we were coming to the end of the run, I had guessed that we might have about 15 minutes left. I resisted the temptation to look during my run when it came and just kept on. It doesn’t matter to me, so I committed to run my way. It’s about headspace and running free of thinking too hard. Plenty enough of that done in the other 23 hours of the day.

I am proud to say I completed my 2nd 5k! 5.31k to be exact and actually that’s slow, but boy the joy of running your own way is immense.

I have also come to a conclusion in what running needs to be about for me and it’s not speed or distance it’s just the joy of being able to run. I’m sure that my speed will increase in time and therefore the distance too, but my main focus is for me to keep showing up and keep running. I don’t have a programme that I’m following and I’m not thinking of starting one right now. My journey is not yet complete. There’s still potential to grow and I want to continue becoming a better runner, but I’ve decided to set out in post grad wilderness a bit more and probably post once per week going forward.

I absolutely love this forum and all of the runners at all stages! We are all awesome! I will also check in and give cheers and shouts to you all as often as I can. Keep running, it’s so worth it!! ❤️❤️

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Way to go! Didn’t know there was a 50 minute headspace too, damn it!

Keep being you, keep smiling and keep running free 😘

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

🤣🤣 I’m full of exciting information am I not UnfitNoMore? Call it encouragement!! You’ll be out there too soon! 😍❤️

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to Fabulous450

Well, yes you are. I’ll mail headspace and see if they’ve got a guided marathon for you to test 😛

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Mmmm....I might just pass on that one!! They do have marathon training on the app though! Spoiler alert, I know!! 🤭❤️

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to Fabulous450

Two lots of it... there’s the marathon plan and the 26 week path to the Boston marathon series 😛😛😛

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Say no more!! 🤭 I don’t think I’ll be there, but you never know!! 😂❤️❤️

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to Fabulous450

I’m guessing Boston is full anyway. There’s the high peak one... lovely Peak District countryside, which you’d see none of as it’s a 42mile over hills over nighter in February... who wouldn’t love that one?

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore



Sounds like bliss! Great post Fabulous! Enjoy the wilderness and peace 😁

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Equi-geek

Thank you Equi! It really was bliss! Totally amazed myself that I could run for that long and if I had been able to think that I probably could have speeded up. I was tempted to run on, but I said no, I’ve done exactly what I set out to do. That’s enough and had a good 7-10 minute walk back to the car! Nice! ❤️

Aw this is amazing! You have got such a great approach to running and I'm definitely going to take a leaf out of your book and try some headspace running.

Running for 50 minutes! I'm in awe. 😲 Just incredible Fabulous!

Who knows where this journey will take us...that's what I love about running so much. The options are limitless and there is so much variety in what you can do keeping boredom at bay.

Just keep doing what you are doing as you've got this totally right! 😍

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Little-runner

Thank you so much Little-runner. I love it too! Becoming a runner has brought so much joy and a sense of achievement hasn’t it? We are well and truly runners now!! ❤️


Sounds wonderful! I love the mindfulness that running gives me, and now that I’m over the initial ‘trying to distract myself from the pain’ stage I just take it all in. The sound of my trainers on the path, the wind blowing across the fields and yes admittedly the sound of my heart beating in my ears.

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Carolinemcd

That’s exactly it Caroline!! Being in the moment right where you are. Not in yesterday or the rest of the day ahead, just there in the run! Marvellous! 😁😁❤️


Brilliant. Fantastic to read about what you have achieved 👏👏.

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Shakywakey

Thank you Shakeywakey!! Yes I can hardly believe the transformation. Todays run really brought that home! It’s a great feeling! Best wishes for your journey too! Like I said, it’s so worth it! ❤️


Well done!

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Jay66UK

Thanks Jay!! ❤️


That’s fantastic Fabulous. Love the sound of a Headspace run- and 50 minutes is awesome. What a brilliant achievement - I love that you didn’t look at the clock. Happy running 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♀️👍😊

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Beanjo

Was brilliant Beanjo!! Happy running indeed! I started this programme knowing it was going to be a challenge, but the happy came in as a big reward and it just keeps coming too! Enjoy every run I say!! ❤️


Way to go Fabulous. You have a way that makes us all SMILE. 😀👍

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Hidden

Thank you so much Gazloc!! I’m always smiley after my runs too! 😁❤️


Thanks so much for posting this. I must admit I’ve been struggling since ‘graduation’ becoming focused on distance travelled. It’s turned my runs into a chore if I’m honest when before they were a pleasure. I’m still chugging on every other day and did find myself enjoying the first half of my run last night then felt I needed to push up my speed and felt exhausted second half 🙁. Anyway I have ran a 5K in 50 mins which was a good slow and steady pace for me. Great tip about the headspace podcast - I will have to look that up

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to KazH01

Thanks Kaz!! I know that the aim for distance and speed is an important motivation for some runners and I wholly support that. But in asking myself what it is for me, the answer is just to run and feel good. No pressure, just sheer excitement and joy from this body doing that thing called running! I would set your compass to what feels great and keep going in that direction! Whatever that means for you!! Best wishes and very happy running! ❤️


Hey 👋🏻 someone just pointed out your post to me as I’m also on a post graduAtion first month, wow it’s weird out here! It’s really inspiring to read about your journey and given me a bit of support this morning, keep posting! 😊

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Lydia-jg

Oh thank you so much Lydia! Graduation is the absolute best and now it’s about finding your own flow! Enjoy it and run happy!! Just getting out there is always a win!! ❤️


Great post Fab, you are doing brilliantly! I’m a Headspace user, but the only running things I’ve seen on there are two beginner’s ones of 12 and 15 minutes (which I’ve used). I’d love to try some longer ones, where on the site did you find it? Btw, I’m using the app rather than the website, so maybe it’s different. Love the idea of combining mindfulness and running xx

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to KittyW

Thanks Kitty! They’re on the Nike+ running app that I downloaded. There’s a few on there! Really like them!❤️

KittyWGraduate in reply to Fabulous450

Thanks, I’ll have a look xx


50 minutes - wow! And what a lovely place for it too. Another 5k in the bag 😀👍👏

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to telford_mike

Thank you Mike! It was a very nice run and just before it really started to get a bit hot! Perfect timing today!! ❤️


Fab450 you’re inspiring me to keep going as a newbie, though I wish I had the scenery for my run. I run in my local park which has a lot of beautiful trees. It did have a bird sanctuary a long time ago but that is no longer the case.

I have set two goals, one is too complete this programme and second to take part in a park run. So I’m reading with interest, I’m taking it slow and steady as I don’t want an injury.


That’s brilliant MV!! I started off in my local park too. I now get in the car and drive to different locations to run. There’s no science to it for me. I’ve not tried to map out a route, I just have a look and I think I’ll see what it’s like running there. So no need to feel limited at all. I always figured, if I didn’t like it, I’d tried it and if I do like it, it’s always an option. I have got lost once trying to find my way back (😂), but I haven’t done a spontaneous route with any regrets. Keep running and enjoy!! 😁😁❤️


You put me to shame with my whinging about dodgy Strava. I need to be more fabulous! So love reading your posts and your attitude towards running and most probably life. I need to ditch my angstiness (if it isn’t a word, it should be) and be more mindful. Way to go Fabulous!!!🏃🏾‍♀️😘

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Dralimc

No problem Dralimc. 1k less than what I had run would be annoying for me too! It did have me thinking I’m forever in the woods! Maybe I’m being cheated, but I don’t use Strava. Parkruns are good for that bit more certainty though. I’d recommend it Dralimc! 😍❤️


Amazing Fabulous you are an inspiration!! <3 <3

Beautiful place to run as well and I totally echo your sentiment of running should just be for you to escape and feel happy :D

What is headspace running??

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Becky1606

Thank you!! It’s a guided run on Nike+ running App! One of many guided runs! So you can run totally free. It can design a programme for you too. I’ve not tried that though. 😉❤️

Becky1606Graduate in reply to Fabulous450

oh my gosh I need to get on this, it sounds brilliant!!

Is the app free?

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Becky1606

Yes free!!! 😉😁😁😁❤️


Well done! I adore posts like these - running for the sheer joy of running.

I'm very goal driven and want to push myself to see how fast I can eventually go - mainly because I was absolutely terrible at all sport at school (last in everything) and I've massively surprised myself since beginning couch25k. Every now and then it's nice to be reminded about the delight to be had from just running for runnings sake x

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to pianoteacher

Hey pianoteacher! Thank you! Nothing wrong with setting goals for yourself. It’s all about running your way! Enjoy it and enjoy leaving that history well and truly behind you! 😁❤️


Thanks to your recommendation I tried out the same 50 minute Headspace guided run. I really enjoyed it and discovered that I like listening to talking rather than music for longer runs. I managed to get to 6.7k in 59 minutes which is my longest run since graduation last month. Good luck with your running - you are very motivational!

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Jaz20

Fantastic Jaz!! That’s a fantastic distance too!! 😁😁👏🏽👏🏽❤️


Fantastic!! Running my own way has been the best part of graduating. Doing what you want to do just because 👍😁

I understand the drive to reach certain numbers and to enter races but I think to just be motivated to run for running sake is brilliant, keep it up 💪🤞😃

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to GoGo_JoJo

Thank you Jojo! That’s what works best for me. So there’s never really a what’s next, just a when! 😂❤️


Well done you! Sorry only just found your post! So glad you are enjoying the runs. When I finished tonight, my husband, seeing how hot I was, asked if I'd honestly enjoyed it? I said yes I had!! 😀😀😀

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Ang33333

Thanks Ang! Aah he’d have to be out there to get it! When my boys used to come home dripping with sweat, I would look at them and think...why have you run until your sweating like a fountain? 😲! Now..I get it! No chance of their speed though!! So I’m safe! 😂❤️

Ang33333Graduate in reply to Fabulous450

I've just downloaded the Headspace runs 😃

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Ang33333

😉! Enjoy! 😁❤️

I love reading your posts ❤️you have a knack of making me do some soul searching and that in turn makes me look back and feel pleased about how far I have come instead of reading the amazing posts and comparing..... I am going to try this headspace app.on Friday when I next run just to see if they are a good fit. Thank you and please keep posting

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Fernshome

Thanks Fernshome! Definitely worth a try. It’s headspace runs on the Nike+ app. I do other guided runs too, just depends on what I feel I need each time really. That’s working out ok for me. 😁❤️


What a wonderful post, Fabulous. You have such a way of getting to the most important thing, and your joy and enthusiasm is infectious ❤️ You're like a beacon radiating happiness and positivity - keep running, keep exploring x🌷

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Eiralas

Aaah thanks Eiralas! That’s the only plan I have! 😁 You too! 😉❤️

EiralasGraduate in reply to Fabulous450

✨🌟✨ - that's you!


Well done Fabulous! 😀

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Saartjie

Thank you Saartjie!! ❤️

Loved your post Fabulous and has given me encouragement to graduate from the plan and carry on running post grad- really starting to enjoy my runs now and have the courage to set out a run anywhere- it's amazing the things you miss when driving and can appreciate when out and about running,😁

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Cotswold-runner

Thank you!! Definitely. It amazing what you never noticed right on your doorstep!! Brilliant!! ❤️

‘Keep showing up and keep running’ - i like that! Sometimes you get too obsessed with stats!

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Pippayoungart

Thanks Pippa! That’s the plan! The stats will come I’m sure (well almost sure! 😂), but really the fact is, it’s there already and it is what it is. ❤️


That’s a great post glad to hear you are enjoying your running. where do you find headspace run Fabulous450. Not ready yet but sounds like good idea for me.

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to snailface

Hey snailface!! It’s on the Nike+ running app. Lots of runs to choose from. In fact there’s lots of different Apps, but I just decided to try this one as I like the variety. I just kind of discovered that I like the headspace ones. You’ll know when your ready, but until then, just have fun running and best wishes for the programme! Keep going! You can do it!! ❤️


Well done to you, 50 mins is incredible!!

I'm like you, a recent graduate out there in that wilderness just running free.

I've just cracked my first 5k which felt like a monumental achievement and I'm just going to keep jogging along and see where it takes me.

I love Headspace and the idea of a guided run. Are they in the Nike + Run Club app, that was the only Nike+ running one I could see (on Android).

Congrats on reaching the Bliss point 🌸

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Designbod

Thank you!! Congratulations on getting the 5k!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽! Well done you! 😁

It’s pretty nice in the wilderness isn’t it?!!😁😁

I imagine that would be the same one. I’m on iPhone, but I can’t see it being any different! Enjoy!! ❤️

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