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Running Watch?

I've looked at a range of Garmin ones at a variety of prices.

I'm about to do Run 3 of Week 6 tonight and I'm beginning to wonder how slow I actually am and how far I'm running, I thought a watch might be the answer.

I'm not in the least bit "teccy" so I need something really simple that can tell me how far I've run and at what pace.

Any suggestions? Thanks

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I've got the Garmin Forerunner 10 which is the simplest one. I only use it for distance and time tho' it can do more. The best thing is the Garmin website, you can upload your runs and it makes lovely graphs and maps with them and tells you all your statistics. There's a C25K group there too so we can see how the others are doing, where we're all running etc.

LOTS of info here:

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Thanks for the info Mitts. I like the sound of graphs and so on and the C25k group on Garmin.


It's not a running watch but a way to know how far you ran:

I take the time at a clock I pass on my warm up walk, start running at the clock and stop running at the same clock again. Back at home I map my run with the above mentioned homepage. I will buy a stopwatch soon, so I'm less dependent from the certain clock.

I think I will buy a proper running watch one day but it's really a lot of money and until know the way I do it is ok for me. I started to do it in the same week as you are and it's absolutely great to know how far you've run!


Thanks - this is a good idea while I decide on the watch.


I've been using the Nike+ or mapmyrun apps on my phone as they are free. They'll do the route mapping & monitor speed/pace but you can't easily use them for real time feedback whilst running.


RunKeeper for me. Free and easy to use. Gives me all the stats I need to know about my running with plenty of options for real-time updates during your run to allow you to pace yourself.


RunKeeper, it's great as long as you have a smart phone it gives you loads of information, and it's free!


I have recently bought a Garmin Forerunner 610, but before then was using the Nike+ running app. If you have a GPS enabled smartphone then I'd recommend using one of these free apps first. A watch is expensive so it may be better to use a free app first.


keep map my run and i use pulse reading watch its got stopwatch and does calories 599 ebay but now im running 12 13 mile im going to get tom tom nike watch good luck with your runs keep going


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