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A slightly cheaper running watch


Have a found a slightly cheaper running watch in the argos catalogue for less than £50 however the Garmin looks really good so cannot decide which to get either way will have to wait till pay day again.

All I want to know when I go out running is how far I have run, the calories burned and my running pace - not sure what my heart rate should be when resting and when I am running so a hr monitor would of no use to me at the moment as I dont plan to run any races if at all.

Is the garmin at £99 worth the money if you are just running to keep fit rather than to race?

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We have the Garmin 110 and love it! It comes with the HRM which we never use. It is very accurate for tracking distance and time. Its nice to do a run, then go to the site and see a map route of the run. Comes in a lovely grey with pink stripe or black with red stripe. Good luck and enjoy your new toy! Gayle


I bought my hubby a Garmin 110 for Christmas (on Gayles's recommendation). I found it for £109 on Amazon. He loves it, it's so much more convenient to use than the phone apps. I'm going to ask for one for my birthday in March, if I can wait that long!!

gdeannGraduate in reply to Saruma

I love to enable! ;-) I feel an early March Birthday gift coming on!!! ;-) Gayle


I have the Garmin Forerunner 10 - it does distance, time and pace and it's a bit less expensive than the 110. No heart function.


I didn't want pink or green so got the man's black version which is bigger but fits fine. I love it! You can upload with it too and see all your runs on little maps and get all your statistics as well.


I've got a 99p phone app that does all that! Would that be an option? I looked at Garmins but for the price I'm happy to just stick with the phone app, I've found it accurate enough.

gdeannGraduate in reply to Cazvs

Cazvs, we used a phone app. as well through the entire program. Once we knew we would start in running longer distances and doing organized 5K's, we decided to gift ourselves with the watches. Due to weather and the chances of dropping our phones, was a major deciding factor. Gayle


I purchased the Garmin110 recently with the HRM for £99.59 from satnaveasy. Its very good for distance, pace etc and the upload to the garmin site to trace your route and see your stats is very good.


I have just ordered a Garmin from amazon, I got it for £99, cant wait to try it out. all the reports I have read are good. I'll let you know how I get on. fingers crossed it will be in the post when I get home


I'm also waiting for my new Garmin to be delivered. I have been using a phone app up until now but everyone had been raving about them on here. I ummed and arred but there was one in the boxing day deals and I had a voucher so I ordered it. Should be delivered today. Can't wait to get out and play with it!



I don't have a mobile phone so I couldn't use an app even if I was sure what it meant! I got a Garmin 10 for Xmas (bright green) and am finding it really helpful. Its very simple to use and then you download your runs onto the Garmin site. I love being able to know how far I'm running, how fast/slow and even how many calories I'm burning. I didn't think that knowing my pace would help me, but I just take a glance when it beeps every kilometer and I know if I'm at least mainatining my speed.

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