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My lovely husband has bought me a posh running wAtch due to my major issues with apps on my phone!  I wasn't aware of my distance doing the programme and until I graduated I wasn't bothered.  Post graduation I wanted to find out how far I was running but although I was running the same route the various apps I tried gave me incorrect and very bizarre distances varying from 2.97k to 6.47k.  As I wanted to make sure I could do 5k before I sign up for a park run it was all very frustrating!

So, this morning was my first time out with the lovely (and very purple!) watch - I ran for 5k and although I can't say it was enjoyable (still not loving it, but still doing it!) my time was exactly 35 mins. 

Very chuffed with my new toy, and very pleased to have definitely run for 5k. Of course there's no going back to shorter distances now!  ⭐️


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16 Replies

  • What a great present.  Sounds like you're more than ready for a Parkrun.  

  • I am glad someone else has difficulties with technology! New watch sounds super.

  • I live on an island and one of the apps I used on my mobile phone showed my run route as straight out to sea!  Technology is a weakness for me - I think part of the problem is that I'm not very interested in it.  Fortunately my entire family (including my 72 year old Mum) are all fairly geeky and love their gadgets so I have help at hand when I need it, although I think my sons in particular get very exasperated with me! Lol 

    Loving my new watch and can't wait to run with it again.

  • Oo - is it a Garmin? I'm trying out my new Garmin tomorrow! Am far more excited than is befitting for a woman of my age!😀

  • It IS exciting.. I still press all the wrong buttons on my Garmin and have had it since Christmas!!! :)

  • It is a Garmin - and it's fab! Starting to feel like a 'real' runner now with all the kit! Lol

  • Just got back from my first run with mine! Now have to learn how to upload info!😮

  • I haven't done the uploading thing yet, I'll need help from my husband or sons to do that!  The watch stores the last 7 runs and I keep a note of all my runs in my diary since starting c25k anyway so I'm not too worried about that, although I'm sure I will get to it soon to see all the routes etc.  I'm still amazed at the fact of my still doing this running lark, it's not something I ever saw myself doing!

  • I will probably upload once a week but want to check out Garmin Connect on the pc. Have been using Runkeeper up to now (which I love btw!) So am hoping it compares favourably! 

  • I love my garmin so much that I wear it all the time just as a watch - how sad - even sadder - it has a pedometer so it records all my steps during the day as well as recording my runs!  Love it, but I have always been a gadget fiend! 

  • Purple watch- bonus! Love purple :)

    How wonderful that you now know you can run 5k and 35 minutes is a great time too :)

  • There is always time for shorter distances!!!  At least for me.:)

    I find I average 5 to 6K but I do shorter runs, loads of the time.. mind, I do spend time gazing around and taking pikkies too :) ( Hence my rambling posts).

    Your watch sounds super... I am still trying to fly mine..I seem to press the wrong buttons!!!

    Good luck with the Park run...!

  • Yes, it is odd that in my head I think it's a backwards step to run less than 5k now.  I have downloaded the 5k+ apps with Laura so I might try to do one of those a week but at the moment I am so excited by the fact that I can actually run the 5k that I just want to do it again!

    One of my girlfriends is currently working her way through c25k and has agreed to do parkrun with me when she graduates - although I have to say that I feel confident enough now to just go on my own anyway. Just have to get myself organised!

  • You will do parkrun no problem :) go for it 😊

  • Well done on your 5k. Still not there yet personally but getting out there 3 times a week  and  varying between stepping  stones, stamina and speed podcasts ☺

  • I've downloaded those podcasts - lots of recommendations to do so from graduates! - but haven't yet tried them.

    How do you find them?

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