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Agh what a nightmare, I have had a 10 day break from the programme due to a variety of reasons and have just had a weekend full of birthday celebrations so excess everything and very little sleep !!

Thought today I really needed to get back into it but failed badly, I just couldn't get my rhythm, my breathing was terrible and just felt shattered so had to come home .......................I hope I can get my Mojo back as feeling deflated as had almost completed week 8 !!

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Hey don't worry - it's only a bad run and not the end of the world.

Why don't you pick one thing out of this run so you know not to do that again next time?

I would suggest that you were over tired from your weekend of celebrations, and don't forget that it is only 8 weeks ago that you started this whole running thing yeah? Since starting you've probably not had many weekends which have been so full on.

Plus you're expecting your tired bones to go out and run for 28mins, I'm not surprised they said no!


Liner, don't be too hard on yourself. I had a similar experience - did not run for 2 weeks due to illness and crazy heat - then thought I would pick up where I'd left off (w7r1). Ha! Was I ever wrong. I ran for 12 minutes and then gave up for all the reasons you mention. I think running after a significant break is tough for a lot of us, especially those of us (like me!) who have not been runners for that long.

Yesterday I went back 3 runs and did w6r1, which went ok. I'll do w6r2 tomorrow and hopefullly I'll be back to where I was by the beginning of next week. Why don't you go back a few runs to build up your stamina and confidence again? I was shocked by how quickly my fitness detriorated, but found that going back a bit and doing a run that I know I can do really helped build my confidence which helped me get my enthusiasm back, get back out there and persevere.

Alternately you could repeat the run and and complete it on the second try! Like Matthew says, your bad experience could just be down to you weekend activities. Whatever you decide to do, don't let one bad run put you off!

Let us know how you get on.


Agree. Do let know how to progress with returns/correspondences with the newer platform.


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