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Longest run in a long time

Managed to run for 24 minutes today which is the longest I've managed in a while. Still recovering from back ache after suffering muscle spasms a few weeks ago so don't want to push it too much. My times have all gone to pot so I've got some catching up to do before I can start back with B210K but it was lovely out today, a lot cooler with rain in the air. Off to Spain tomorrow so just going to see what I can do in the heat. Running gear was the first thing in the case! :)

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Have a lovely holiday Sarah and take the running nice and easy, slow and steady and not too long in the heat either. Hope your back is OK too.


Thanks Oldgirl. Not sure how I'll get on in the heat but I'm hoping to at least do a few short runs. Back is on the mend thankfully so hopefully I can build the distance back up over the next few weeks.


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