It's a beautiful day!....longest run yet🙂

It's a beautiful day!....longest run yet🙂

I didn't make it to Parkrun yesterday morning due to an invasion of ants in the kitchen overnight, which led to much faffage (thanks poppy - love that word) and rummaging in cupboards for ant killer to strengthen our defences😮. So as I was up early today (and with no sight of any insect invaders) I decided to make today my long run day. It was so lovely running in the early morning sunshine and with a light breeze, it really was perfect running weather. I set off steady with the aim of hopefully doing 11/12k. All went really well and as you can see I managed my longest run to date of 12k! I am starting to increase my distance again with a view to running 10 miles in October (16k) so hopefully I have plenty of time to build up gradually.

Definately a great day for running so hope everyone who can, enjoys their run today!😀


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37 Replies

  • Wow..... awestruck.

  • That's very kind - I have been working hard on my 10ks so it was definately time to up the mileage!🙂

  • Excellent! Early runs are always the best for me. Just have to remind myself of that when struggling to get out of bed!

    You're well on course for that 10miles you will do it, of that I have no doubt. Bit of luck to help you on your way 🍀

  • Thanks! I actually prefer to run in the late afternoon, but it is often quite hot then at the moment. Also, most races are in the morning, so I thought I better try and adapt!

  • Well done Sandra! I'm feeling quite apprehensive about my run today, aiming for 8K (matching my longest ever) but I'm achey after bending over resealing the bath yesterday, so worried I'm going to struggle! Housework and running don't go together do they!

  • Go for it Sarah! Those are the aches and pains which usually ease on a good run😉!

  • Yes, much better when get out and run, warm up, loosen up, and aches just melt away!

  • I'm back! You were right (thanks for the encouragement) I think the run definitely helped my back. All went well except I was gasping for water. Off to write a post now I think...

  • Fantastic! Off to read your post now!

  • for me housework doesn't go with much!

  • Haha, very true indeed!

  • That is brilliant Sandra! The 10miles is well within your reach. I have run my first ever 8k today and took it nice and steady. 10k is within my reach. What a great day of running!😊

  • Well done on your first 8k! I think if you have run 8k then you're definately ready for 10k. Good luck🙂!

  • That is a smashing run Sandra, well done.

    When extending my longest run, I always preferred to do so at a nice gentle pace whereas you were really shifting.

    10 miles in October will be a walk in the park for you, it is just a question of how fast you want to go. Great stuff.

  • Thanks Dunder🙂! I am tall, so I think that helps with the pace😉!

  • Well done Sandraj39 great time and av pace 😊

  • That's a great distance & time Sandra. Awsome job. You rock! ☺

  • Thanks it when a run goes well. 👍🏃🏻

  • Flying Sandra , that is AMAZING !!! Coo, that's great , I would be well chuffed with that !!!!.

    Well done , you are doing so brilliantly and you've really taken to running like a duck to water !

    The skys the limit for you Missus ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy, I ❤️ running!! Am trying to be sensible and not pushing too hard I hope. I have been on that ic and it's not a great place to be. I have been obsessively dedicated to putting in the miles however and also obsessively sensible at easing off if I feel any niggles. Having this fantastic forum to share with and seek advice from continues to be really important too!!

  • I totally agree Sandra . Its all a learning curve isn't it ? Its hard at first to know whats an injury and whats a niggle, when to push it , when to hold back etc. All that comes with experience doesn't it ?

    Oh yes, this forum, what an amazing place, love it :-) xxx

  • O_O That's non only a great distance but an impressive time too!

  • Thanks!

  • Nicely done and great pace too... Well done :)

  • Thank you jj!🙂

  • Oh you will definitely manage that 10 miler Sandra. Look at you zooming about in the early morning, Miss Turbo-trainers! You're such a strong runner already. It is fantastic :)

  • Haha! Then you're a little Miss Turbo-trainers too!😉

  • Coo, I AM impressed. Pompoms flailing for you here - you've inspired me to pull on my kit and go out to explore a new route with (or rather in the wake of ) Kiddo 2.

  • Thank you🙂

  • The kid knackered me out. That'll teach me to read inspiring posts :)

  • well done! Great distance and time!

  • Great distance and pace!

  • Many thanks! 🙂

  • Wow, you are flying now after managing that 10k distance. I've not managed to do more, but I have a hankering for 10 miles too. There's a 10 miler in Brighton in October which I have my eye on.. Just need to begin to up my distance.

    Well done to you I am impressed and will watch your progress with interest.

    🏃☺ xx

  • Thanks for the encouragement pinkangel - I did my first 10k in January, so have had a while to consolidate that before attempting anything longer! Good luck to you too if you decide to go for the Brighton 10!☺

  • You've got me pondering now, pinkangel16 - had another look at the Bright10 on 16th October and can't decide whether to do the Great South Run in Portsmouth the week after or the Bright10? The Brighton race looks smaller than the massive Great South Run (and it's £10 cheaper). Decisions, decision!! Both are about the same distance for me to travel.

  • Decisions indeed! I've family in Brighton and just love it there, so that does it for me! I'm near Bristol so quite a long trek to either.

    Good luck with your training then. I try to do a long run on a Friday (lrf ☺) so will begin to try to increase my distance..

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