The longest run

The longest run

Whoop Whoop. Decided to add some distance today so no Rico. Wasn't concerned about my speed so I ran up past Polesden Lacey and through the grounds before joining my normal 10K route. What a great run it was. I used MissWobbles technique of zigzagging up hills which really helped. I took it easy to start and allowed myself to speed up where I normally get to the second 5k. Doubled back at the end as I hadn't run far enough which added a killer hill right at the end but overall I am delighted.

Garmin - do you want to accept the PB longest run? - OF COURSE I DO !

I did actually find myself zigzagging left to right by a couple of yards at one point which I don't think was the advice just a little zigzag a few inches either way helps me up the hills.

I met about 4 runners today and all said hello which was nice. The black lab who attacked me when I finished was not welcome and I had a few choice words for it and the owner. I was walking at that point but there is no excuse for having an out of control dog. It almost sat when I commanded it. Looks like Rico's training paid off in more ways than one ;-)

Hope you all have brilliant runs this Sunday. I've seen quite a few posts where lots of people are doing really well.


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27 Replies

  • Wow - well done. I want one of those watches too. Although that said I bumped into a 74 year old friend who is planning to do his last marathon next year on his 75th birthday. I asked him what watch he had and he said "none". It is nice to see the stats though.

  • Thaks DownNotUp. I know I'm a real geek when it comes to technology but I love your friends reply what watch - just his internal clock ;-)

  • Longest run = epic run!!!! Wow, you must feel AMAZING!!!

    Don't you just hate some dog owners' complete lack of control & to be frank respect for order road/path users..? The thing that annoys me is that if they bash into me/trip me up, etc I could get injured. That would be so infuriating. And they would just carry on letting their dog roam free regardless. Glad you gave both owner & dog a few choice words.

    Dogs aside, great run, you can rest up happy now for a day xxx

  • Thanks Miss Garmin recommends 50 hours recovery. That's when I get fitter during recovery ;-)

  • Sounds like a plan, that was some run after all, 50 hours of blissful relaxation it is then, enjoy! X

  • Well done! Sounds like that was a blast! Polesden Lacey! That's proper posh. Good to have a beautiful backdrop for your running.

    I think if you're really into your run, and feel strong, you don't really notice where you're at distance wise. Just keep chuggung away and see where you end up.

    I think,you can expect to encounter loose dogs on your runs but I find that most owners are on the case and will reel their dogs in or grab hold of them. They want to run too

    Enjoy your 50 hour rest!

  • Thanks MW it really was the little engine that could today ;-)

  • Wow look at you!! 12.25k Thats brilliant, and a cracking time too. You really are living up to your name, Getting Fitter! :)

    I love that you had words with the dog owner, the arrogance of some of them makes me see red! When my youngest daughter was about 3 she was knocked off her feet and slobbered over by an out of control Labrador. As we picked her up and tried to wipe the goo off her face and new dress, the owner assured us it was only playing and our daughter really shouldn't be crying and making such a fuss. Grrr! Said owner was very very lucky my hubby didn't punch him! The owners are as bad as the dogs, if not worse!! Sorry GF, rant over!! Well done on a thoroughly fantastic performance today, no wonder you're pleased!

  • Thanks EpicMum. As a dog owner myself I know how boisterous they can be and you have to take care especially when there are small children about. I think this one should have been muzzled to be in public or on a lead or better trained. I know it's not the dog's fault but it did make me mad

  • Wow!! I want to be you!!!! That sounds fantastic. Minus the dog bit! I almost tripped over a tiny puppy this morning. Yes it was cute and lovely but why did you let it run out In front of me stupid woman!! Leads are there for a reason!! I had to almost jump over the thing!! anyway! Well done. Enjoy that rest!!!

  • Thanks Toonlou. It's all just practice and you'll get there. I look at JuicyJu, Andrew and MissWobble in awe but think I can probably get there given enough years ;-)

  • Yeah you will!!! Just Takes time!! i have to learn patience!!

  • great post and what a fantastic run you have had well done you. I have just realised there are green spots on the cadence statistics. whoops maybe I should be working on that I didn't know they existed.

  • Excellent thanks RFC. I do try to keep my cadence up

  • Thanks KittyKat yes I have a 620 which I managed to get as a bargain off Amazon. Think it was 100 off RRP and it has the HRM. I love it as you can tell

  • Well done GettingFitter. I'm with Toonlou, I want to be you too :O)

    A shame Rico wasnt with you, does he not like longer runs?

    I like reading of the expoits of our more Advanced posters like yourself, gives me a taste of just what might be possible in the future :)

  • Thanks Zev. No I can't do longer runs and concentrate on Rico so he had a long walk with my OH

  • fantastic, well done you, doing brilliantly but I bet Rico was pissed off he couldn't go with you, and he would have seen off the other dog!!!

  • Thanks Juicyju. I think Rico would have run in the opposite direction as he's a bit of a softie.

  • Polesden Lacey - nice! I've walked sedately round the grounds but never run there. Very nice part of the world.

    Brilliant run!

  • Thanks Christian I even disturbed 2 deer today so was glad I'd left rico at home :-)

  • That's awesome, Getting Fitter, and sets a long term target for us. We have you in our sights ... albeit from a long way behind! Keep up the good work.

    Good Lord.

  • Thanks Lord Oberon.

  • Oh GF what a fabulous distance. And in such a wow location! It doesn't get better does it? Well apart from the black lab. That sounds horrible.

    Really well done.

  • Thanks IP I really didn't feel scared by him just angry at the owner.

  • Brilliant - well done, GF! :D sounds and looks like a lovely place to run...a nice, Sunday 10k trail (with or without my dog) is probably my aim. Grrr for the out of control dog owner, who had a dog it couldn't control!!

  • Thanks Tikiczocky - you'll get there it was fab.

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