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Week 6 Run 3. Second time's the charm!


After a fail on my previous attempt, I took a two day rest (so that I didn't have to try it again after a rare night out), ran earlier in the morning and headed straight to the woods where there is a little more shade. I still didn't find it at all easy and did wonder if I was going to be able to finish it about 12 mins in, but this time I actually did run for 25mins - hooray! I even sped up very slightly for the last minute as Laura suggested.

Last time Runkeeper lost me totally in the woods, but this time I used Endomondo plus ran a bit more out in the clearings so I have stats. My first mile was 10.36 and my second was 10.59 although my last split time wasn't helped by me forgetting to press stop in my ecstasy at having finished the run! Although I am not running particularly fast, I was quite pleased to see that the fact that my new route is a little more hilly doesn't seem to have slowed me down that much. Maybe there is a limit to how much more I can slow though!

The slightly cooler weather and wearing my proper running vest and cropped trousers helped too I think, but it really took it out of me and hours later all my muscles still feel very tired. I am a bit apprehensive about the week 7 runs as I found this one such a struggle. I also didn't enjoy it that much since I was so worn out towards the end, although the sense of achievement was good! Hopefully my body will get fitter soon! I have set myself up on My Fitness Pal today, but am not doing very well at calorie counting so far!

By the way, after a longish run my fingers feel a bit puffy and tight. Does this happen to anyone else? I must Google it to see why it might be as I would expect symptoms in my legs, but not my hands!

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Hi big-momma! WELL DONE getting this one behind you! It is hard but you are making brilliant progress now - and upped the pace at the end - Good work as Laura would say! Week 7 is no worse and you'll be fine. I don't have the equipment to get stats yet but you sound to be doing very well at the moment.

I know what you mean about tight fingers. Mine do that too and also feel very itchy. No idea why though.

Good luck for week 7! You can do it1

big-mommaGraduate in reply to Beek

Thank you very much! It can't be that long at all until you graduate now! Funny that you get the tight finger thing too, after a quick glance at Google, it does appear to be more common than I expected: livestrong.com/article/2689.... I have my husband's old smartphone and it seems to be able to run the free running apps ok. I am quite geeky and into such things! I will be very excited when you comment on one of my posts wearing your grey badge one day!

BeekGraduate in reply to big-momma

I will be very excited too to be able to tell you when I graduate. When do you get your shiny grey badge? I'll get there a lot quicker if I stop bunking off so much! Got W8R1 in the morning! Weigh hay as they say!

Thank you for the link. My fingers feel really odd quite often and it is usually when I've been too hot. Doesn't look like we need to worry though!

big-mommaGraduate in reply to Beek

Can any graduates answer that one? I think that you contact this forum's admin and ask for it after the last run in week 9 though! Maybe through the Support button at the top? Ohhhh so exciting! All the best for W8R! tomorrow!

BeekGraduate in reply to big-momma

No! I mean when do YOU get your shiny grey badge? You must be almost there as well as me!

big-mommaGraduate in reply to Beek

Sorry! I start week 7 prob on Wednesday! I imagine it will take me more than 3 weeks though! ;)


are you on week 6 already, how time flies. You are doing great guns. The calorie target on 'myfitness pal' is only a guide and you can adjust it if you need to, so do not put too much pressure on yourself.

Keep it going :-) :-)

big-mommaGraduate in reply to alcopop

Thanks - it really has gone quickly! I didn't realise that you could adjust the calories on myfitnesspal. I am over 800 over my allowance already today and although I want to get slimmer, I do also want to be realistic!


That's great you got it done! I'm just behind you - W6R3 tomorrow or Wednesday.

big-mommaGraduate in reply to Scipio

Thanks! You will probably overtake me as I don't always nail a run the first time. Good luck with W6R3!

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