Week 5 run 3 - wait. What?!?!

Week 5 run 3 - wait. What?!?!

This was the run that I had the biggest mental pressure on. The evil monster in my closet waiting to get me. This morning, the day to face my monster finally arrived. And so it was that I donned my gear, tightly laced my minty shoes, and, twiddling my keys nervously, walked out my front door. I pretty much figured that I would do the best I could, go as far as I could, and then improve on that. Several minutes into the run - more than halfway I knew - I hit the wall. I just didn't have anything else in me. So I pulled out my phone as I ran, preparing to see what time I was going to stop at - only to find that I had 15 seconds left of the run. I hung in there and finished the whole 20 minutes run. Monster sent back to the closet in disgrace for now. I'm so pleased. I even slightly improved my pace (I ran 2.25k during that 20 minutes at 8:51/km average speed). Slow, but I don't care. I even got a "Good for you!" from a passerby. So happy!!!!

And according to my tag, I'm mental. Lol. I resemble that remark.


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25 Replies

  • Well done you! This is the key run of the programme - and it is mental. Now you know you can run, and you can sustain your running. Don't be put off by the intervals of the first two runs of week six - they may feel surprisingly hard. Crack the 25 minute run, then it's a coast through the last three weeks and you'll have done it.

    I bet you had a big grin on your face today - I know I did!

  • You bet I am grinning! Actually, I kind of do expect the intervals to be hard for week 6 run 1, but I'll get there. Thank you!

  • Well done. That's a big "mental" run done and dusted. I remember thinking that 20 mins was a huge leap from what had been done before, but the program works and preps you for it.

    Well done you !

  • Well done. Doesn't it feel great? You've leapt from 8 minutes to 20 minutes, and now you know you can just keep adding to that in small increments until you've settled down to running longer runs almost routinely. And you didn't even cheat like me and rig the thing so that it was mostly downhill.

  • Lol. There were downhill segments that let me catch my breath - followed by uphill runs that kicked my arse. So definitely not all uphill or flat. Thank you!

  • Fantastic stuff! So happy for you that you defeated your monster :)

  • Thank you!!!!

  • Well done you. Great achievement. Enjoy.


  • I definitely will. I'm feeling pretty good. I still have to cook, but it's all good. 😃

  • Hi GoingForBroke!

    Well done for slaying that monster! It's great isn't it when you are struggling then find there's not much time left to go!

    I'm starting W4 R1 again on monday (if I can after a few days off!). This is due to the fact I have had a recurrent sore calf (didn't moo though!) so I thought it best to give it an extended rest.

    Good luck with your running... I'll be along soon!


  • Never a good sign when your calves start mooing. 😉 Best of luck on your next run!!!!

  • A fantastic achievement especially with overcoming the monster 😀, well done!

  • Thank you! I'm so happy.

  • Well done! A great achievement against the monster.

  • Thank you very much!!!! I'm glad I started this program.

  • Well done! Hope this is what I can do by the end of this week too :)

  • You totally will. I'm rooting for you!!!!! 🏃

  • Well done well done! W5R3 was my bête noir as well- what a fabulous feeling to have cracked it! Brilliant!

  • Thank you rainshine. I'm delighted.

  • We r neck n neck. Did w5,d3 on Friday. I was the same thinking no way can I run for 20 minutes. Nit was a battle but just kept going slow, relaxed and breathing and did it. Now we have another challenging week, just going to take one run at a time, all the best to us for day1!!

  • Absolutely. No way are we stopping now!!!! All the best on your week 6!

  • Oh very well done. That's it, the biggie has been achieved!! Pat yourself on the back for hanging on in there. Not only did you do the time but you increased your pace as well. Something to be really proud of :)

  • Thank you very much!!!! I might actually be able to finish the program in 9 weeks! I also found out that I lost 7 pounds (and I wasn't dieting either) yay!

  • Fantastic - it's great when you get past that 20 minutes and think - actually that wasn't so bad. It really shrinks down the 25 minute run monster for the following Friday because you set off already knowing you can do 20 minutes and that an extra 5 is not so bad...

    I do find it a huge boost when total strangers smile and give you the thumbs up and shout well done, or meet you on the opposite side of the lake I run round and express admiration that I'm still running despite being puce and breathing like asthmatic warhorse. Suddenly I find my pace evening out a little, my breathing becomes a bit better and my head goes up - pride that my effort has been noticed and acknowledged, I guess, but it does feel good.

    Well done you - keep it up.

  • Lol. I love the "asthmatic warhorse" comment. Yeah, I don't sound particularly good myself when running. Also I have to join you in the strange facial colors category. 😉

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