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Wk6/R3 COMPLETED!!!!!!!!


I feel ecstatic about today's run - 25 minutes I would never have thought I could do this 6 weeks ago. I was really scared about this one so kept positive mantras going from the minute I woke up. We extended our circuit today to vary the run a little bit. My breathing was fine and I could tell my hubby what Laura was saying. The only niggle is still my calves but I tried to ignore the burn and just carried on. I just hope this will get better with time. Heaven help those marathon runners what must their calves feel like!!! The run passed quickly and we did up the pace for the last minute which did let us finish on a high. Having my hubby running with me has been so good for me. I know he could go faster but he stays with me to help me along. Good luck to every one else out there and keep going. If you are approaching week 6 don't be scared you will do it

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Well done Mazzero!!

That's fantastic! That feeling of achievement afterwards is great isn't it?!

I have problems with my calves too. It does normally ease off once I get into the run but they're always sore for a day or two after. I'm hoping once I'm completing longer runs more regularly they will get better...wishful thinking!

It's so lovely to have your husband to support you!

Well some again

MazzeroGraduate in reply to Jefna

Thanks Jefna. I think the muscles will get stronger as we go on. I might have a sports massage to see if that makes a difference. Good luck with your running

I have just done this run this morning too! Well done mazzero! Onto week 7 for both of us next week :-)

MazzeroGraduate in reply to muzikalbadger

Well done!!! It's good to hear that we are level pegging. It's just plugging away at it now we know we can go the distance even in this heat. My week 7 begins on Tuesday so I will keep you posted. Good luck

muzikalbadgerGraduate in reply to Mazzero

I'll be doing run 1 of week 7 on Monday so will let you know! If we can manage it in this heat we are onto a winner I think! Can only get easier ;-) look forward to hearing how your run goes :-)

Well done!!!!

MazzeroGraduate in reply to sarahb_20

Ah thanks Sarah ??

MazzeroGraduate in reply to Mazzero

Lol sorry for the question marks it seems that this is how my emoji smiley face turns out. Need a lesson in keyboard skills


well done, I am approaching week 6 with trepidation. Upto now, I haven't had problems with calf pain (touch wood) but that may have something to do with my running is so slow LOL, week 5 runs 3 tomorrow or Monday depending on time and how I feel :) x

MazzeroGraduate in reply to katee1958

Thanks Katee. If you've come this far you can do it. Good luck with your next run and you'll manage week 6 for sure. Keep us posted

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