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I'm a hill runner - no way!!

So how did that happen - only last week I was moaning about ahieving a personal worst and feeling like I was going backwards. This morning decided to do speed podcast coupled with my random hill route. I have had trouble with the speed podcast -I can run 165 beats per min for 5 mins - but find the interval training really difficult. So I set out and today speed felt totally doable - so I did it. I then tacked on a longer run - and the short hill route I chose normally defeats me - but it now does not feel long enough and those hills I just ran up. What is going on have I actually turned into a proper runner after all.

Feeling quite chuffed - might even give stamina a whirl - but have been put off by other posts. - so maybe not :-)

Feeling good -Happy running everyone

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YAAY - sounds like you've just passed a major point in your development as a runner. Like you - and most people - I avoided hills like the plague. I'd rather run an extra mile on the flat to bypass a hill. But one day I just went for it, found that I could now do it, and never looked back. I now run up minor mountains ... What? Or rather ...Why?

Well done - you'll soon look back on this day and wonder why on earth you could have thought hills could ever have been so troublesome! Only someone starting running from scratch can understand ...


Well done; sometimes it just feels right and ever after you just know you can do it.


Oh yeh, when you make a statement like that 'those hills I just ran up' you know all your hard work is paying off, you look back and think, "I didn't run up that hill, did I"? Interval training and hill work are two mixes that really do pay off to increase your strength and stamina. Keep up the good work it will also open up new and exciting routes for you, routes that before you would have avoided because there were Ups in it :)


Thank you for your comments, support and encouragement. It really does help with the motivation and wanting to do more. Busy planning tomorrow's run now:-)


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