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What a difference going up hill makes!

Today I started week 3. It did not go well. I tried a different route and I had not realised the difference an incline ( I really cannot call it a hill!) would make. Trying to do a light jog for 3 mins whilst going up hill was too much for me. :-( Still you live and learn. I just wanted to say thanks for all the blogs where you have described runs that have not gone well. It helps to know I am not the only one who does not find this easy.

My next run will be better.

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I've still to tackle an incline worth the name, put this run behind you K, onwards and (at some time in the future) upwards!


I know what you mean! Any incline feels like Everest for me. I am trying to keep my routes fairly flat whilst I get my fitness and confidence up, not sure if that is the right thing to do but it works for me. If I do hit a hill I make sure that I get my breath back going down the other side! Keep at it though because it is worth it.


I made the mistake of doing an incline for W1R1 and quickly realised my mistake! But it was a blessing in disguise really because it made subsequent runs seem relatively easy.


I still struggle with 'my' incline - I have done it a couple of times now but it is very hard work. Especially as having puffed my way to the top I then have the humped railway bridge to get over! But, it has to be done, I can't always run on the flat, there are several uphill roads around here so, it's dig deep and just keep going!


I am in the middle of week three and have a couple of "inclines" on my route. My goal is to get up them without walking or stopping, even if it means I slow down to a snail's pace and make my stride really small.

Having done them a few of times now I can say it does get easier! I could not do an entire incline on my first run, but now - 3 weeks in - I can. Just keep persevering.


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