Couch to 5K

From high to low

My son's at his Dad's for the week so I decided to take the opportunity to shake things up a little. Monday I ran late evening (rather than early morning) and took a new route. It was one of those perfect runs where you feel as if you could go for ever. The only reason I stopped was because it was 9pm and the dog still needed a walk. I was chuffed to see I'd gone a little over 9k :-)

I was sore yesterday but no major pain so this morning I got up for my early morning run as normal. I decided to do a speed run, for a change....from the start it was hard going. My calves and thighs just plain hurt. After about 20 minutes I called a halt and hobbled home. Spent a good 10 minutes stretching and have just got out of a hot bath, which has helped.

I think I pushed this old body just a little too hard!

I'm going to take today & tomorrow off and go again on Friday.

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Slow and steady?! :) he he!

Though a bit of speed now and then can feel good too - I'll admit it!


wahey you are doing brilliantly well done!


is that fartlek training? I know that I really need to speed up I am so slow, but I do enjoy my runs so am in two minds speed up or enjoy?


I don't know what fartleck training is.....might google it and get back to you :-)


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