Looking forward to Week 9 😊

Completed W8 R2 on Friday morning. Took a leaf out of @90ldfinch book and was out by 5:20 for an early start, as I was leaving for the Peak District and a weekend of walking at about 9 am. It was lovely being out so early, very energising and peaceful, a successful run again and managed just under 4 km in 30 minutes.

After two lovely walk in the wonderful peaks of Derbyshire (Saturday and Sunday) arrived home late this afternoon intending to take another rest day (from running) however as the evening wore on I decided I was feeling fit enough for my final week 8 run. This was the latest I have run, leaving home at 9:20 pm, it was another great run, this time 4.12 km in 30 minutes. I've come to the conclusion early mornings and late evenings are the most enjoyable times to run, unfortunately not times that I can easily fit into my normal daily schedule.

So........ Wednesday will see the start of my final week, three more runs to graduation. Who would have believed it, certainly not me. I'm excited, proud and amazed by what I have achieved so far, I'm hoping I will be a little nearer to 5 km by the end of Week 9 but if not then that will be my next goal.

Now I must catch up on all the forum news and see how you lovely people have got on over the weekend. Wonder how many graduations I have missed.


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20 Replies

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  • Well done! You're so close now and not far off the 5k too. I'm just over a week behind you so fingers crossed in a couple of weeks I'll be joining you and the other c25k graduates in a virtual graduation cap and gown (which is a shiny badge next to your name, I've been told)! :)

  • Thank you melly. I can almost touch that graduation badge. I'm going to really enjoy this next week.

    I hope all goes well for you over the next couple of weeks, hopefully I will be at the finish line cheering you on.

  • Well done Pushing60, only 3 to go :)

  • Thank you. This is going to be a good week for us both. Very exciting 😊

    I've just read your Park Run post, well done and what a great time. I've signed up, got my barcode just need some courage now.

  • A few months ago, the idea of me choosing to do some kind of organised run, let alone actually being able to, was just fantastical nonsense.

    To me, that Park Run was exactly like w5 r3 - we all seem to get into such a state of anxiety building up to it, and then we just give it a go, and it's exhilarating.

    Slow and steady- you are already running (over) 4k. You can easily mix in 1k of walking, or any amount that is safe and comfortable for you.

    The vast majority of runners were taking regular walking breaks, and plenty were walking more than running.

    Plus, look at it this way, a steady, slow time will be your first Personal Best, and later down the line, you'll find it easier to beat your PB (if that even matters).

    Ultimately, it's just for fun, except for the 5% elite runners, who are bothered about shaving tenths of a second off their time. Good luck to them, too. :)

  • You certainly make it sound do-able, and I'm sure I will enjoy it once I pluck up the courage. It will be a week or two before I'm able to consider it due to other commitments, so maybe by then I will have won the battle of self consciousness, especially if I have my badge of honour 😊

  • You are just progressing so well! The badge is being polished for you.

  • Thank you Iben. I see you've reached 5k. Well done, all that hard work has paid off.

  • Well done, it's a great feeling as you progress isn't it and seems like you've definitely got the running bug if you still went later in the day. Good luck for this week I'm sure you'll smash it and get your badge.

  • Thank you.

    Yes it's a wonderful feeling to make improvement each run. I never thought I would be so enthusiastic about running. I avoided any sort of physical activity at school , (a long time ago) a mixture of lack of confidence and ability. Now look at me.

  • Well done, what a fantastic achievement ...... I am a bit behind you week 6, but looking forward to have the same feeling of nearly being there, and having the shiny badge wthin my grasp.

    I can't believe what i have achieved so far, I am an early morning runner usually, but maybe a late evening one is worth a try.

    Good luck I look forward to seeing you graduate πŸ˜„

  • Thank you. You will soon be there. Hope you are feeling a bit better. I know that feeling of guilt when you know you shouldn't run but feel like you are letting yourself down. It will pass and you will soon be crossing that finishing line.

    Take care 😊

  • You missed a few! But the Peaks made up for that... I live about 30 mins from The Peak District, so am very fond of it!

    Well done on your runs and getting so close :) Slow and steady, focus on the 30 minutes and not the 5K, that can come later...:)

    Polishing your badge as we speak! :)

  • Thank you.

    @Oldfloss what a wonderful part of the country you live in, so lush and green, just paradise. This was my first visit and I'm hooked, can't wait to go back.

    I'm so excited about graduating, can't believe it's just 3 more runs.

  • Well done! You do it!

  • Hi there that's brilliant - i just did week8 run 3 this morning so we are both nearly there!!!! Truly can't believe it , you are covering some distance too ! Here's wishing us both an awesome final week ! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • We can party together 🍸🍾

    Good luck and enjoy!

  • Ha. Just looking back on this. Now we've both done it. Cheers 🍸🍸

  • Welll done. Looking forward to your "end of week 9" post!

  • Thank you, I'm looking forward to writing it. 😊

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